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Does Maryland need harsher drunk driving penalties?

Many challenges can arise when it comes to the problem of drunk driving.

For one, individuals harmed by drunk drivers sometimes run into difficulties getting the compensation they deserve. For example, the insurance company of a drunk driver might try to put up barriers to the individuals the driver harmed getting such compensation. The possibility of facing such resistance is one of the reasons victims of drunk driving crashes may want a skilled personal injury attorney's representation.

Another major challenge when it comes to drunk driving is getting drivers to stop engaging in this dangerous behavior. Despite being illegal and harmful, drunk driving remains something a good number of drivers do. So, what laws and policies states have for stopping drunk driving and for enforcement actions against drunk drivers can be a very important matter.

Given this, some might find a recent WalletHub report's conclusions on drunk driving laws and policies here in Maryland a cause for concern. The report found such laws and policies to be among the nation's most lenient.

Specifically, the report ranked Maryland all the way down at 45th in DUI strictness. A big contributor to this was that Maryland ranked dead last in one of the categories of factors the report considered: criminal penalties for intoxicated driving.

One wonders what impact the relative leniency of Maryland DUI laws is having on the battle against this dangerous driving conduct in the state. Do you think Maryland should increase the harshness of its drunk driving penalties?

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