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Report claims millions drive without contacts or glasses

Without your contacts in or your glasses on, would you be able to read road signs? Would you spot a stop sign in time to stop, would you know exactly what the speed limit was in your area, or would you be sure when a light was switching from yellow to red?

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If the thought of driving without your contacts and glasses makes you nervous because you know you'd be impaired, there's something else you should know: According to one study, millions of drivers do this every day. They're required to wear corrective lenses behind the wheel, but they opt to leave them at home.

According to the report, about one fifth of drivers claimed they always drove without their corrective lenses. The total could be higher if you consider those who wouldn't say they "always" do it, but who nonetheless are open to it when they run late, misplace their glasses, or simply don't feel like wearing them on occasion.

Obviously, drivers who do this could increase accident risks. They may not see other cars or pedestrians, they may not react as quickly to events on the road, and they could cause crashes that are totally preventable.

On top of that, some insurance policies stipulate that drivers must wear glasses when required to do so. A driver who doesn't could crash and then find out the insurance company simply isn't going to pay.

If you have been hit by a driver who could have prevented the accident simply by wearing glasses, you may be able to seek out financial compensation for your injuries.

Source: Confused, "Drivers with poor eyesight running risks on the road," Chris Torney, accessed March 24, 2017

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