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How many hours until your BAC hits zero?

You're sitting in the bar, knowing you have to get home and also knowing that your BAC is probably a bit over the legal limit. If you just hang around and drink water, how fast will it drop? How long will it be until you're at zero?

bac device.jpg

It depends on many factors, such as weight, metabolic rate, the amount you drank and your gender. There's no one answer that works, like telling you to wait for two hours and then head to your car.

Overall, experts note that the body generally burns through alcohol fast enough to drop your BAC by about .015 in an hour. Some say it could be as high as .020.

If you split that and decide to use .016 as your guide -- which, again, may not be your exact speed -- then you can see how long it would take based on other factors. For example, for a 160-pound man who has had three standard drinks, it will take about 4.5 hours for his BAC to return to zero. For a 220-pound man who has had the same amount of drinks, it will only take 3.5 hours.

For a woman who weighs 100 pounds and has also had three drinks, her BAC will not be back at zero for nine hours. For a 220-pound woman who has had three drinks, it will take four hours.

If you were surprised by how long it takes -- and it'd be far longer with more than three drinks -- then you can understand part of the reason other drivers may drive drunk. They don't want to wait or don't know that they should. If one of those drivers injures you, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills and more.

Source: Self Counseling, "Hours to Zero BAC," accessed May 05, 2017

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