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Common questions surrounding premises liability

Do you own a property in Montgomery? Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you hold a ton of responsibility when it comes to the safety of those who visit. This responsibility falls under premises liability. Visitors also have some responsibility when it comes to premises liability.

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Here are some common questions surrounding premises liability in Montgomery as well as their answers.

Can a person injured at a neighbor's house recover damages even if he or she were invited to the neighbor's house?

The answer here is yes, depending on the situation and what occurred. The homeowner has a responsibility to tell visitors of any dangerous conditions in existence at the home or fix those conditions prior to the arrival of the visitors.

Do commercial building owners legally have to provide sprinklers, fire exits and proper exit signage?

Depending on where you, live all of the above are required of a commercial property owner. Owners must legally provide visitors with a reasonable amount of care when it comes to fire and other dangers, including helping them escape from a building that is on fire.

If I am attacked at an ATM, can the bank be held liable for failing to protect me?

In the past, banks did not have a duty to protect their customers at their ATMs. Under premises liability, many customers have filed lawsuits against banks for being attacked at their ATMs, which has set a precedent for a duty of care.

Have you been injured in a premises liability case in Maryland? An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine the proper course of action regarding your situation.

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