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February 2018 Archives

Pedestrians thru Windshield.jpg

pedestrian accidents

Keep pedestrians safe at intersectionsWednesday, February 28, 2018

The majority of fatal pedestrian versus vehicle accidents could and should have been prevented -- especially when they happen at intersections. If drivers were to follow (1) the rules of the road and (2) stay attentive the right way, numerous deaths and catastrophic injuries would be avoided in Maryland. Let's...Click here to read more

Truck Driver POV.jpg

truck accidents

How do truck drivers get distracted on the roads?Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tractor-trailers are an important part of the economy in Maryland and throughout the country. The more of them you see, the better the economy is performing. They are also some of the most dangerous vehicles on the roads. Their size and weight make it very difficult to stop on...Click here to read more

Busy Crosswalk.jpg

pedestrian accidents

Hit-and-run death investigated in Prince George's CountyThursday, February 22, 2018

Roads are generally safe but they can cause dangerous situations. Any place where cars and trucks are moving quickly can be the scene of a collision, and the close quarters that drivers and walkers find in metropolitan areas of Maryland also make this result more likely. Drivers and pedestrians alike...Click here to read more

Cars Driving.jpg

car accidents

2 tips for preventing an auto collisionFriday, February 16, 2018

Every car accident injury plaintiff says the same thing: If only that day would have happened differently. If only I wouldn't have had the accident, and if only I wouldn't have gotten hurt. Unfortunately, accidents happen to the best of us and -- when it comes to avoiding the negative...Click here to read more

Slip and Fall Report.jpg


Important information about slip-and fall-accident claimsThursday, February 8, 2018

People slip and fall every day in Maryland, and usually these incidents don't end in a serious injury. However, there are some slip-and-fall events that lead to catastrophic injuries -- even death. Because of the risks of serious and life-altering injuries, Maryland property owners need to do their part to...Click here to read more

Alert Female Driver.jpg

drunk driving accidents

What should I do when I see a possible drunk driver?Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Driving on the roads of Maryland can be very dangerous even if you are a safe driver. Safe driving habits don't find their way into every car with every driver, which is why there are so many accidents throughout the state. Drivers who make the poorest of decisions, to drive...Click here to read more

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