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2 tips for preventing an auto collision

Every car accident injury plaintiff says the same thing: If only that day would have happened differently. If only I wouldn't have had the accident, and if only I wouldn't have gotten hurt.

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Unfortunately, accidents happen to the best of us and -- when it comes to avoiding the negative effects of someone else's negligence -- there's often very little we can do. That said, certain safe practice can dramatically reduce the threat of getting into a car accident. Here are two things you should always do:

Scan at least 12 seconds ahead of you

Drivers who only pay attention to their immediate surroundings are more likely to get surprised by an obstacle and not be able to maneuver around it. On the other hand, if you continually scan ahead to wherever your car is going to be in 12 seconds, this will give you more time to react, slow down, maneuver and respond to a potentially dangerous situation.

Never tailgate

Tailgating is never a good idea. For one, it's only going to make the person in front of you angrier, and he or she isn't likely to speed up. Secondly, it's dangerous because you're not giving yourself enough time to react if the car in front of you needs to brake suddenly. By maintaining a three-second cushion between you and other cars, you'll give yourself extra time to respond to a dangerous situation.

These two pieces of advice will certainly assist you in avoiding many potentially fatal car accidents. However, nothing can replace good common sense. If you still get hurt in a collision, even though you tried to stay safe, you might want to investigate whether you could pursue financial restitution for your injuries in court.

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