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What’s Said About Zodiac Signs And Your Driving Habits

Posted on 11/09/21 by admin in Auto Accidents,Uncategorized

You may have heard about zodiac signs at some point in your life, whether or not you believe or follow this way of thinking. Connections between zodiac signs and your driving habits is a topic that those who follow astrology wonder. Zodiac signs are thought to categorize personality and habits, such as driving habits. 

The 12 recognized zodiac signs are

zodiac signs names, dates and symbols

Each sign is categorized into 4 different elements such as


Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


Gemini, Libra and Aquarius


Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

Studies show that 30% of Americans believe in astrology. Regardless of what you believe, everyone’s driving habits are different. Furthermore, you need to make sure you always practice safe driving habits no matter what time of year or region you live in.

Here in the DMV area, winter driving distractions can add stress when driving. Therefore, no matter your zodiac sign or what you follow, be a safe driver. For those who are curious about what zodiac signs say about your driving habits, here is what is said.

What Do Fire Zodiac Signs And Your Driving Habits May Have in Common?


Aries are believed to be very passionate, decisive and brave on the road. But, with passion may come impatience. They may be able to make a decision quickly when on the road but become impatient if there’s traffic causing road rage.


Leos are said to be natural born leaders. In this case, they would be picked first to drive or lead a group of people to their destination and confidently agree to. However, due to the confidence they may find themselves getting too cocky and doing something like parking illegally.


Sagittarius drivers can be helpful. What this means is they like to give directions or help other drivers who may be stranded on the roads. However, if they make a wrong turn, they may stick to that route and wait in traffic before admitting they took a wrong exit. 

What Is Said About Earth Zodiac Signs And Your Driving Habits


Taurus signs make plans on which route to take and are focused on the road. Focus means no distracted driving behind the wheel. On the opposite side, they also may get possessive and angry when a parking spot they wanted was taken. 


Virgos can be perfectionists and parallel park like pros. However, they may be overly cautious on the roads. For example, if there is a yield, they may hesitate to go.

Being cautious and failing to yield correctly seems like not such a bad thing. However, this hesitation can cause a car accident. Failing to yield is said to be the number 3 reason for fatal crashes in the US in 2020

yield sign along ramp highway


Capricorn road users are said to give themselves plenty of time to drive. Which means no speeding on the roads. Nonetheless, they may have a hard time trusting others’ directions or following detours and getting lost. This is because they may not trust other directions as much as their own. 

How Air Zodiac Signs Can Be Perceived As Drivers


Geminis can be overly relaxed but awake drivers. That being said, they could not only drive without speeding, even if they are running late but also they stay alert when driving at night. They are the passengers who keep the driver awake. But Geminis can get too relaxed. This extreme relaxation could lead to distracted driving.


A Libra driver tends to be good at sharing the roads with motorcycles or bicyclists. This is good because aggressive driving directed towards motorcyclists or bicyclists (vulnerable road users) could lead to fatal accidents. Now a Libra may be good at sharing the roads but they can be indecisive drivers as well. Moreover, hesitation is not good when split second decisions are needed to be taken behind the wheel.

motorcycles and cars on the same road driving at a stoplight


Lastly, Aquarius signs tend to be good at navigating around traffic jams. They are good at being creative to get where they want to go. However, they can be too adventurous; for example they may make an illegal turn.

Water Zodiac Signs And Your Driving Habits


Cancer drivers can be very considerate of others in that they aren’t aggressive and let other drivers merge when a lane ends. With that, they also can be more emotional if someone criticizes their driving.


Furthermore, Pisces are said to be patient drivers as well. What this means is less road rage. But, Pisces road users may also get preoccupied and not check their blind spots or park out of the lines without checking.


Finally on the zodiac signs and your driving habits list is Scorpios. Scorpios are seemingly good at anticipating the actions of other drivers. However, they can get angry if they are cut off by another driver.

Regardless of Zodiac signs and Your Driving Habits…

drive carefully on road for the best driving habits

Knowing what is said about zodiac signs and your driving habits, you should always strive to be a focus driver. Moreover, be alert and attentive on the road, follow all road laws and if you are ever injured in a car accident, get the right help.  Follow the right steps after a crash and call us, so you can get back to health: 202-933-1918.