When a Judge or Jury Gets It Wrong

Appellate courts do not retry cases or hear new evidence. Instead, they review what has occurred to see if the proper procedures were followed and the correct laws were applied. Because of the limited nature of this review, the appropriate issues raised on appeal are significantly different from those that are raised at trial.

Appellate lawyers focus on procedure and black letter law, explain the facts and procedural history of the case, and then explain why the appellate court should or should not reverse the decision. There is no emotion involved, but rather the appellate lawyer focuses on providing salient points of law to support your position and make the appeal court understand why a verdict should be affirmed or reversed.

These points then make up the appellate brief and the oral arguments. To craft effective briefs and arguments, extensive legal research and analysis are necessary, as well as tremendous knowledge of case laws and precedents. These abilities are what Malloy Law Offices provides — as well as the distinct ability to effectively present information to an appellate panel.

Malloy Law Offices has handled the briefing for appeals before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Maryland Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Court of Appeals, United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Mr. Malloy has argued numerous appeals before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Despite a winning or losing decision, trial level outcomes are often not the end of the litigation. On appeal, parties still need to keep the win or prosecute the loss. Either way, they are better served by an experienced attorney. Whether you were successful in the trial court and hope to preserve your victory, you weren't and hope for a reversal, or you're hoping to best position your case for victory before an appeal is necessary, Malloy Law Offices, LLC, can help you put your best case forward. We are based in Bethesda, Maryland, and our lawyers serve clients throughout Maryland.