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Posted on 10/03/22 by admin in Premises Liability

Understanding Airbnb Premises Liability

Many business people believe no one truly knows what they want until someone else gives it to them. Take the success of Airbnb as a for-instance. For the uninitiated; Airbnb serves as a platform for property owners to list their properties for short term vacation rentals. People didn’t realize they wanted an alternative to hotels…

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Posted on 09/26/22 by admin in Auto Accidents,Auto Accidents

Truck Accident Facts To Keep You Safe

Big rigs, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, eighteen wheelers, whatever you call them, they’ve grabbed headlines recently. The recent case of a truck fully loaded with jars of Alfredo sauce crashing near Memphis and painting the highway white drew laughs and bemusement from the public. Another crash in Florida which scattered light beer across the road drew similar…

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Posted on 09/19/22 by admin in Uncategorized

Passenger Injuries in Car Crashes

Generally when discussing car crashes the focus falls on drivers. The driver of a vehicle involved in a car accident is often the one with most of the potential headaches. These may include: Seeking medical attention. Repairing damages to their vehicle. Dealing with their insurance company. Setting up a replacement or temporary vehicle. Stress and…

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Posted on 09/12/22 by admin in Auto Accidents

DMV School Bus Safety

Did you know that fifty five percent of US children ride buses to school? That’s almost ten billion rides annually given to an estimated twenty three and a half million students. With all that precious cargo to transport, it’s no surprise school buses are some of the most stringently regulated vehicles on the road. Statistically…

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