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Posted on 07/08/24 by admin in Auto Accidents

Uninsured Motorist Accidents and You

Forty-nine out of fifty US States require car insurance. But like any law of the land, there will inevitably be those who, for one reason or another, do not believe that it applies to them. According to the Insurance Information Institute, as many as one in seven drivers on American roads are uninsured. This means…

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Posted on 07/01/24 by admin in Premises Liability

What Should I Do After a Public Pool Accident?

Summer is here in earnest and the heat and humidity has wasted no time in bearing down on our region. The DC area has experienced regular temperatures comfortably exceeding the mid-90s and heading for triple digits Fahrenheit. In times such as these, many of us will decamp to the closest public pool. Our area can…

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Posted on 06/24/24 by admin in Auto Accidents

The Dangers of Driving While Exhausted

Summer road trip season is in full swing, as friends and families pack up and hit the highways. The feeling of freedom, wanderlust, and adventure we experience out on the open road is a part of the American experience. This novelty can provide energy for long-haul drivers, as new and beautiful vistas come into view….

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