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Posted on 12/04/23 by admin in Workers' Compensation

Our Warehouse Workers Comp Guide

Did you know that over 1.3 million Americans are currently employed as warehouse workers? The need to store goods before they hit store shelves stretches back to the earliest days of the market economy. The warehousing industry has only grown in our modern age of commerce. The ascendance of “big box” retailers such as Wal-Mart…

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Posted on 11/27/23 by admin in Personal Injury

Understanding the Differences Between Trial and Settlement

Many professions and vocations are subject to common misconceptions about what their work actually entails. This is often shaped by the media and popular entertainment. Contrary to what TV dramas tell you, police are very rarely involved in car chases, steamy professional romances are generally frowned upon in emergency medicine, and personal injury lawyers don’t…

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Posted on 11/20/23 by admin in Auto Accidents

Tips for Safe Highway Driving During the Holiday Season

Did you know that Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year? According to AAA, nearly forty-four million people annually travel for this holiday, with the vast majority traveling via car. So if you’re planning to spend this treasured American tradition in the company of far off family or friends, you…

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