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Posted on 07/19/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Injuries,Uncategorized

Filling Out A Medical Insurance Claim Like A Pro

Did you suffer a personal injury and now are facing lots of bills and needing to file a medical insurance claim? While this can be extremely frustrating and confusing, we are here to provide you quick and easy steps to make the process as easy a possible. Filling out a medical insurance claim is not…

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Posted on 06/12/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Injuries

Types of Cases for Personal Injury

Personal Injury: What cases for personal injury make a good case? A personal injury is defined as an injury to the body, mind or emotions as opposed to property damages. This is also called “tort law” which more specifically is a “civil wrong which can be redressed by awarding damages In every personal injury case…

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Posted on 06/04/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Injuries

Pregnant While In a Car Accident?

Any type of car accident can be extremely dangerous and even consist of life threatening or life-long conditions. While some have more luck than others, what happens to those individuals that are expecting a child? Any injuries to the mother can also cause serious harm to the fetus, and may even result in a miscarriage….

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Posted on 05/28/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Appeals,Personal Injury

District Court and Circuit Court

What is the Difference Between District Court and Circuit Court? We have all watched TV shows and movies depicting lawyers matching wits in a courtroom, trying to gain a successful verdict for their client. Though one can clearly see they are in a courtroom, it is not always obvious what kind. It may not matter…

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