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Posted on 01/30/23 by admin in Auto Accidents

Fairfax County Tragic Car Accident on Lee Chapel Road

Dangerous roads are an unfortunate reality of our modern transportation infrastructure. Some roads are poorly lit. Others become treacherous in heavy rain or snow. Still others are heavily-trafficked by deer and other wild animals. But some roads are simply dangerous as a matter of fact, whether due to the topography of the surrounding terrain, the…

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Posted on 01/23/23 by admin in Mass Tort

5 Mass Torts To Watch in 2023

The scale of a personal injury case can vary wildly. Most attorneys take cases on behalf of individual clients whose cases can be closed within a matter of months. But some attorneys specialize in mass torts involving dozens or hundreds of afflicted persons. These cases often concern the negligence of large corporations or government bodies,…

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