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Category: Pedestrian Accidents

Posted on 04/08/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Auto Accidents,Injuries,Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury

Is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) a must?

Often times, people ask themselves whether Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a must? The answer depends, as some states also known as “No Fault” states do require this type of insurance and others are okay with just the Health and Disability insurance your employer provides. What is PIP Insurance? When an individual suffers an accident,…

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Posted on 12/11/18 by Ludmila Trujillo in Pedestrian Accidents

What Drivers Can Do to Maintain Pedestrian Safety

Melissa Carter | February 28, 2018 The majority of fatal pedestrian vs vehicle accidents could and should have been prevented — especially when they happen at intersections. If drivers were to follow the rules of the road and stay attentive, numerous deaths and catastrophic injuries would be avoided. How Drivers Can Help Let’s review a few…

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