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Category: Premises Liability

Posted on 01/10/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Premises Liability

Putting Premises Liability into the Mix: Trespassing

January 10, 2018 Trespassing Definition A trespasser is somebody whose presence is explicitly not permitted, but who got in anyways–so there are very little duties owed to the trespasser by the property owner. A trespasser has even less protection than a licensee, because if a trespasser arrives, he is not really there for any benefit…

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Posted on 01/03/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Premises Liability

How to Establish Existence of Actual Notice

There are many ways to establish existence of actual notice, such as videotape surveillance. You can look at the video and determine when the condition happened, if there are any employees who caused the condition to happen, and if they did something to remedy it. The perfect example of such a situation would be if…

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Posted on 12/20/18 by Ludmila Trujillo in Premises Liability

Proving Liability in a Premises Liability Case

What to Look For in a Premises Liability Case? Determination of whether liability is present in a premises liability case can be even more complicated than an auto accident. People can get injured on premises owned by other people in a variety of ways: they can slip and fall on liquid, or get bit by…

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Posted on 10/18/18 by Ludmila Trujillo in Premises Liability

Shopping Mall Injuries

January 17, 2019 Let’s Go to the Mall Everyone loves a good trip to the shopping mall in Maryland. But what if you get injured while there? What happens to you after a shopping mall injury? Who is held responsible for your injury? There are more injuries than just slip-and-fall accidents that can occur at…

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