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Posted on 08/28/23 by admin in Personal Injury

How is the Value of Pain and Suffering Calculated?

It’s fairly well-known that “pain and suffering” is a common factor in calculating the damages in a personal injury settlement. A reliable legal advocate will take your emotional damage and reduced quality of life into consideration when pursuing a settlement on your behalf. However, the layperson may find this confusing. Other common damages like medical…

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Posted on 08/21/23 by admin in Personal Injury,Premises Liability

Can You Sue for Storm Damage?

Intense summer storms have plagued the DC area over recent weeks. High winds, saturating rain, and lightning all represent unique threats to the well-being of people and their communities. The damage wrought by these storms is plainly visible after they’ve passed. In a recent blog post we discussed the threats posed by driving in heavy…

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Posted on 08/14/23 by admin in Premises Liability

Is It Clumsiness or Can I Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

“Victim blaming” is a phrase that’s entered our collective lexicon in recent years. It’s a useful shorthand for describing unfortunate individuals who wind up maligned or victimized by forces beyond their control. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even when acting with the best of intentions and with the bounds of reasonable, responsible behavior,…

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Posted on 08/07/23 by admin in Auto Accidents,Biker Accidents

Bicycle and Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riders Everywhere

While the arrival of oppressive heat and humidity causes some to seek the nearest public pool or air-conditioned room, other’s relish the year’s hottest days as peak time for pursing their favorite hobbies and pastimes. Cyclists and bikers especially take advantage of the summer months to tackle scenic roads and trails. Whether you’re simply after…

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