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Posted on 11/07/22 by admin in Auto Accidents

Same Car Insurance as the At-Fault Driver

Let’s set the scene. So, you’ve been in a car wreck; your adrenaline is rushing, you have so many questions on your mind. You are trying to get out of the car but start feeling pain. You find out that the at-fault driver uses the same car insurance company as you. Now what?!  If you…

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Posted on 10/31/22 by admin in Pedestrian Accidents

Halloween Safety Tips

The height of autumn is beloved by children and adults alike. Costume parties, seasonal treats, scary movies, and brilliantly colored foliage make mid-autumn a favored season for millions of people. But with Halloween fast approaching, Malloy Law would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to a troubling and uncomfortable fact about this holiday….

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Posted on 10/24/22 by admin in Auto Accidents,Personal Injury

What Does Your Attorney Need From You?

There are certain things you may reasonably expect from your attorney. Your calls should be returned promptly, with answers to any questions you may have. The timeline and strategy of your case should be communicated to you in plain and transparent terms. Your attorney should behave ethically and place your interests ahead of their own….

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Posted on 10/17/22 by admin in Catastrophic Injuries,Personal Injury

Can You Sue If You’ve Signed a Waiver?

Specialized fan conventions, or “cons,” have grown from a grassroots movement to a massive business. In modern times it’s a thriving industry that provides benefits for all involved. Fans of beloved pop cultural properties such as Star Wars enjoy the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people. The companies that make these properties enjoy a…

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