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Category: Appeals

Posted on 05/28/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Appeals,Personal Injury

District Court and Circuit Court

What is the Difference Between District Court and Circuit Court? We have all watched TV shows and movies depicting lawyers matching wits in a courtroom, trying to gain a successful verdict for their client. Though one can clearly see they are in a courtroom, it is not always obvious what kind. It may not matter…

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Posted on 05/15/19 by Ludmila Trujillo in Appeals

Understanding Successful Appeals

What is an appeal? Understanding successful appeals is quite simple. The first steps are learning what an appeal is. For those wondering about an upcoming case or those who have been to trial but believe they were wronged somehow in the proceedings, an appeal is defined as “an application to a higher court for a…

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Posted on 07/10/18 by Ludmila Trujillo in Appeals

Malloy Law Offices, LLC Secures District of Columbia Court Appeal

Malloy Law Offices, LLC Secures District of Columbia Court Appeal August 3, 2015 On July 9, 2015 the District of Columbia Court of Appeals issued a 41 page opinion granting a victory to Malloy Law Offices, LLC and reversing a DC trial court’s decision to grant summary judgment against Mr. Malloy’s client in a complicated…

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