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Year: 2020

Posted on 12/28/20 by admin in Uncategorized

How Can You Prove That Your Child Was Injured by a Defective Toy?

December sales constitute about two-thirds of the annual toy sales in the U.S. After the holidays, however, too many children are hurt by their new toys. If your child is injured by a dangerous or defective toy, discuss your family’s rights at once with a Bethesda defective product attorney. What are the signs that a…

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Posted on 12/14/20 by admin in Auto Accidents,Pedestrian Accidents

Electric Vehicles Affecting Laws In Washington D.C.

December of 2020 in Washington D.C. started off with new laws to help transportation benefit those who are utilizing electric vehicles of all kinds. Some laws were made to protect those from injury-causing accidents. As well as help push for a greener environment by encouraging purchases of electric cars. Now more than ever, electronic everything…

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