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Category: COVID-19

Posted on 06/01/21 by admin in COVID-19

SIRVA: What Is It? How Can A Vaccine Injury Lawyer Help Me?

If you are reading this, the first question that might arise is what does SIRVA stand for? Well, it means “Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration”. But, what does that exactly mean? This injury scenario happens when a vaccine is injected too high or too deep in the shoulder. This negligent act might lead to…

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Posted on 02/15/21 by admin in COVID-19

What To Celebrate In March 2021 In the DMV Area

The Holidays season is over, and you started the New Year 2021 off on the right track. You might be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing else to do nor to celebrate. However, nothing could be further than the truth. Contrary to popular belief, March is one of the months of the year with more…

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Posted on 10/12/20 by admin in COVID-19

How Is COVID-19 Changing Transportation In The United States?

We all now the risks about coronavirus. The virus COVID-19 has severely impacted our lives. It generated a pandemic with fatalities and quarantine. At some point, you might even feel tired of reading news about it. However, did you ever wonder how is this virus changing transportation in the United States? If you keep reading…

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Posted on 07/06/20 by admin in COVID-19

How COVID-19 is Affecting My Personal Injury Case

These are uncertain times but one fact is certain, we will be here to make sure you get through the uncertainty of COVID-19 and win your personal injury case. Injuries haven’t stopped occurring due to the coronavirus, so we want to make sure you are prepared and know what to expect if you are injured…

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