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Year: 2018

Posted on 12/20/18 by Malloy Law Offices in Premises Liability

Proving Liability in a Premises Liability Case

What to Look For in a Premises Liability Case? Determination of whether liability is present in a premises liability case can be even more complicated than an auto accident. People can get injured on premises owned by other people in a variety of ways: they can slip and fall on liquid, or get bit by…

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Posted on 12/11/18 by Malloy Law Offices in Pedestrian Accidents

What Drivers Can Do to Maintain Pedestrian Safety

Melissa Carter | February 28, 2018 The majority of fatal pedestrian vs vehicle accidents could and should have been prevented — especially when they happen at intersections. If drivers were to follow the rules of the road and stay attentive, numerous deaths and catastrophic injuries would be avoided. How Drivers Can Help Let’s review a few…

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Posted on 12/11/18 by Malloy Law Offices in Auto Accidents

Salisbury Motorcycle Accident Causes Life-Threatening Injuries

Melissa Carter | February 6, 2018 Traffic jams around Baltimore or on the Beltway are frequent enough to convince a person to use a motorcycle to get around. Bikes are one of the easiest and fuel-efficient ways to travel around Maryland and beyond. But the low profile and smaller size of the vehicles can make them harder…

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Posted on 12/10/18 by Malloy Law Offices in Auto Accidents

The Danger of Permitted Left Turns

Melissa Carter | March 22, 2018 Drivers get two main types of left turns at stoplights: permitted left turns and protected left turns. Left Turns: Permitted vs Protected A protected left turn means that the left turn lane is light controlled on its own. Drivers have to wait for that green arrow to make their turn….

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