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Category: Injuries

Posted on 05/27/24 by admin in Biker Accidents,Catastrophic Injuries,Catastrophic Injuries,Injuries,Injuries,Injuries,Personal Injury,Personal Injury,Premises Liability

What Are the Most Common Summer Injuries?

The summer season is right around the corner, bringing long days, hot weather, and a feeling of freedom and adventure. The dedicated staff at Malloy Law Offices are just as eager as you to get out and make the most of summer while it’s here. But we’re also invested in the safety of our community,…

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Posted on 05/20/24 by admin in Uncategorized

Chronic Pain and Personal Injury Claims

It can often take time after an injury to fully appreciate its impacts on our day to day lives. This is partially a function of our own tendency towards optimism. While engaging in physical therapy, rehabilitation, or other long term recovery, the thought of returning to full health is often a powerful motivator. We plan…

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Posted on 02/19/24 by admin in Aviation Accidents

The Boeing 737 MAX: Fresh Controversy, and a Fresh Lawsuit

Aviophobia, that is to say; the fear of flying, is among the most commonly-held fears by the American public. Some studies suggest that as much as 40% of the population approaches a trip on an airplane with  anxiety. A recent near-catastrophe for one of the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturers will do little to alleviate the…

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