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Is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) a must?

Often times, people ask themselves whether Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a must? The answer depends, as some states also known as “No Fault” states do require this type of insurance and others are okay with just the Health and Disability insurance your employer provides. What is PIP Insurance? When an individual suffers an accident, […]

Understanding Medical Malpractice

We pride ourselves on our advanced medical technology and competent health care providers in the United States, but that does not mean that mistakes don’t happen. When those mistakes rise to the level of causing harm to a patient, medical malpractice may have occurred. Let’s learn what goes into a medical malpractice case. What is […]

Is Driving High a DUI?

Can you get a DUI for driving high? The simple answer is yes, but there is a lot that goes into proving a driver is impaired due to the consumption of marijuana. Cultural acceptance of marijuana is increasing and with it the laws surrounding its use are rapidly changing across the nation. Not long ago […]

How to Prevent a Jackknife Trucking Accident

  What Is a Jackknife Accident? Jackknifing happens when a semi-truck’s cabin and its trailer get out of alignment. These incidents often happen when the semi-truck is backing up, and they can also happen when a truck is braking. Essentially, the cabin and its trailer bend at a severe angle to form a V or […]

Personal Injury Damages

What types of damages are considered in Personal Injury cases? This is usually the first question that pops into an individuals mind once they have suffered a personal injury. Knowing the types of damages helps someone compare with the types they have suffered to see if they have a solid case, prior to getting in […]

Steps when identyfing a drunk driver

Driving on the roads can sometimes be very dangerous even if you are a safe driver. Why? Simply because not everyone practices safe driving methods, aside from road conditions sometimes being unpredictable. As mentioned, safe driving habits don’t find their way into every car with every driver, which is why there are so many accidents. […]

If Your Personal Injury Case Goes to Trial

If a case goes to trial and in any given jurisdiction, there can be different outcomes. Some jurisdictions are less favorable than others, some are more favorable. It depends on: • Who the client is• Which jurisdiction the accident happened in • How this particular person would be able to relate to the juries and• […]

Worker’s Compensation

One aspect of personal injury damages is worker’s compensation. If somebody is injured on the job, they typically have a worker’s compensation claim. Worker’s compensation has a certain way of paying for medical bills and for lost income–people can generate a fair amount of money from pursuing a worker’s compensation claim. In a personal injury […]

The Slip and Fall

Some Slip and Fall Examples Let’s take a situation where a customer walked into a produce section and picked up a pack of strawberries. He drops a strawberry on the floor. Then, five seconds later, another customer slips on it and falls and injures himself. Well, is the store liable? No, because it’s not a […]

Steps inside Litigation: Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration If a case gets arbitrated, know that arbitration is not mandatory. It can be good for both parties and it can be done quickly. You usually can do it on medical records only, so you don’t need to bring an expert witness, and it can be more predictable. Both sides must then agree on […]

Do you have a case?

If you've been wronged,
we'll help to make it right.

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