Trial Practice

Winning in any competitive environment is hard work. It requires practice, skills and experience. Winning a civil suit like a personal injury case is no different. Yet very few lawyers have experience in actually bringing a lawsuit all the way to trial. Fewer still have actually conducted the trial as lead trial attorney.

Approximately 2.5 million cases are filed in this country every year. Roughly 3 percent or less of civil lawsuit conclude by trial, according to reputable studies. Statistically, most lawyers don't have trial experience. Very few lawyers have complex litigation experience. Seann Malloy is a diligent and skilled trial lawyer, and loves to try cases. That's why both highly experienced and younger lawyers refer cases to him when they need trial counsel. Many of our clients are other attorneys that trust Malloy Law Offices to handle their personal litigation. Having a skilled trial lawyer in your corner will greatly increase the likelihood that your case will resolve without the need for a costly and emotionally draining trial.