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Alexandria Pedestrian Accident Attorney

After a pedestrian accident, you may be facing serious medical bills, potential long-term disability, and other challenges. If someone else’s negligence or recklessness caused your injuries, it is important to speak with an experienced Alexandria pedestrian accident attorney who can protect your rights. At Malloy Law Offices, our attorneys have decades of experience guiding clients through the legal process after a pedestrian accident.

Alexandria pedestrian accident

Why Choose Malloy Law?

We understand that money cannot replace what you lost in an accident; however, pursuing financial compensation is often necessary to meet immediate and future needs. Our attorneys will work diligently to ensure that all parties responsible are held accountable for their negligence while helping you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Our attorneys thoroughly review evidence and provide personalized legal advice tailored to each client’s individual situation. We can also assist in:

  • Filing insurance claims
  • Speaking with adjusters
  • Navigating the complicated process of pursuing compensation for your losses.

At Malloy Law Offices, our attorneys are dedicated to advocating on behalf of pedestrians who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. Our compassionate professionals will listen carefully to your story and review all available evidence before taking any course of action. We understand how important it is that you receive full and fair compensation for your losses. To schedule a free consultation and discuss your legal options after a pedestrian accident, contact us today at Malloy Law Offices.

We look forward to helping you through this difficult time.

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