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Can You Get A Legal Settlement For Slipping On Black Ice?

Did slipping on black ice resulted in serious injuries anywhere in the DMV area? Call Malloy Law Offices, LLC today!

Winter Season In The DMV Area

Cold weather calls for blistering winds and black ice. Black ice happens frequently every year in the Baltimore-Washington D.C area. If you live in a cold climate, you know that your chances of injury and illness increase significantly during the winter season. Black ice mostly causes injuries during a car accident due to slippery roads. Additionally, black ice can cause injuries just by doing everyday activities or chores due to slippery steps or sidewalks.

Slipping On Black Ice Lawsuit In New Jersey

It is possible to get the maximum settlement after an injury due to black ice. For instance, a woman from New Jersey was awarded $375,000 after injuring her wrist. She was walking down her driveway to take out her trash when she slipped and fell on black ice. She sued the condo association, claiming neglect for not adequately melting the ice on her driveway. As a property owner, they are liable for any hazardous accidents that can occur on their property.

Slip And Fall Rule In The DMV

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C are all contributory negligence areas. This means that if a person committed a negligent act that contributed to their injuries, they cannot recover from damages. This allows the defendant in a slip and fall case to argue that the injured person was also negligent if they were aware of the icy conditions where they were walking and still continued to walk that path anyway. If a jury believes this to be the case, the injured victim cannot recover.

Malloy Law Offices Can Help You Recover From Slipping On Black Ice!

Slipping on black ice can happen at any time during the winter season. If you know that the property owner failed their duty to protect their visitors or residents, contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC at (240) 221-7424 for a free consultation. Grab our hand and we will stand your rights up! If you would like to learn more information about black ice lawsuits, click here to see how Malloy Law Offices, handle these scenarios.