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Chevy Chase Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The majority of employers in the state of Maryland are required by law to carry workers’ compensation benefits, with a few exceptions. These benefits are designed to protect the employer and the employee, should they become injured or made ill during the course of their work. At Malloy Law Offices, LLC we are committed to helping accident victims maximize the benefits they receive for their injuries caused on the job. Connect with us today and arrange a free case evaluation. A knowledgeable Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney will answer your questions and give you some idea what hurdles you may face as the process moves forward.

When Should I File A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney

If you have been seriously injured in an accident at work or fallen ill because exposure to a toxic substance at your place of employment, you can file a workers’ compensation claim. You need to act swiftly, however, so it is a good idea to arrange legal representation sooner than later. You must notify your employer within 10 days of the accident that caused your injury, or you may lose the chance to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

There is a chance your employer or their insurance company will contest you claim. They must either pay the benefits or contest your claim within 21 days from when the claim was filed. If they do not believe you are entitled to the specific benefits you are requesting, they may challenge your right to collect compensation. Speak to an experienced Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney from our legal team to learn more about the process and help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

How Can A Chevy Chase Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help?

It can be difficult to handle your own workers’ compensation claim, especially if your employer or its insurance company starts to challenge your claim. That is when you need the expertise of an experienced law firm.

When you hire a Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney from Malloy Law Offices, LLC, we will handle all aspects of your case from beginning to end so you can focus on getting healthy again. We will ensure all of your accident-related losses the law covers are included in the claim. In addition, we will handle contact with the insurance company on your behalf and fight for what is legally yours. We will negotiate aggressively and handle all of the related communications so you will not be burdened with them.

What Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover?

In the state of Maryland, the employer, through its insurance company, is required to cover certain aspects of the injured employee’s recovery from a work-related accident or disease. Depending on the nature of the accident and your injuries, the benefits include:

  • Medical treatment – This covers emergency medical treatments, medicines, medical support equipment, nursing services, ongoing medical treatments, and the like.
  • Lost wages – Beyond salary reimbursement for missed work, this covers time spent meeting with doctors and assessments when requested by your employer or its insurance company. It also includes travel time to and from the Workers’ Compensation Committee.
  • Temporary total disability – Provides payments to the injured employee for a set period of time because he or she is completely unable to work.
  • Permanent total disability – Offers some compensation for the injured employee who is unable to come back to work because their injures are so severe.
  • Temporary partial disability – These are benefits that cover certain costs for an employee who has injuries but can still work in some capacity and whose injuries are expected to heal.
  • Permanent partial disability – Permanent partial disability provides some compensation for the injured employee for a certain number of weeks as established in the statute. The number of weeks the employee will receive payments depends on the specific injury.

If you have questions about the kind of benefits you are entitled to receive, contact a Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney from our staff.

Affordable Legal Representation

We believe everyone should have access to affordable legal representation at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, regardless of their economic or social status. For that reason the Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney assigned to your case will work on a contingency fee basis. That means he or she only receives payment if you receive compensation.

When we are successful, our fees are a percentage of the final settlement. If we are unable to secure compensation on your behalf, you owe us nothing. You truly have nothing to lose and potentially thousands to gain. The best part? – no matter what happens during the course of the process, your personal financial assets are never in jeopardy.

Meet With A Chevy Chase Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Do not delay hiring trustworthy and helpful legal counsel another day. We want to help you find justice by obtaining maximum recovery. Reach out to Malloy Law Offices, LLC today and arrange a free, nonbinding case evaluation. You can meet with a seasoned Chevy Chase workers’ compensation attorney whose primary goal will be to maximize the compensation you receive for your work-related injuries. Let us do the heavy legal lifting while you focus your time and energy on getting back to being you again.