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Clinton Hit and Run Attorney

The Clinton hit and run attorneys at Malloy Law Offices are experts in helping victims of hit and run accidents recover damages even when the other driver cannot be found. In these unfortunate situations, victims may still have legal options to recover compensation for their injuries and damages.

Clinton hit and run

Understanding Your Options

One option is to file an uninsured motorist claim with your own auto insurance policy. Most standard policies include uninsured motorist coverage which can help cover costs when the other driver is at fault but cannot be identified or located. You will need to show evidence that the other driver was at fault, such as witness statements or police reports. Your insurance company will investigate the claim and either approve or deny it based on the evidence. If approved, they will either pay out damages or take the other driver to court to recover costs.

Another option is to file a civil lawsuit for damages against the unknown driver as a “John Doe” defendant. While it can be difficult to serve a lawsuit on an unknown party, you may be able to recover damages if you can show evidence of fault. The court may allow “service by publication” which means publishing a notice in the local newspaper. If the driver does not respond, the court may rule in your favor by default and award you damages. However, collecting those damages can be challenging if the driver’s identity and assets remain unknown.

How a Clinton Hit and Run Attorney Can Help

An experienced Clinton hit and run attorney at Malloy Law Offices can help evaluate your unique situation and determine the best legal strategy for pursuing compensation. With their guidance, you have a strong chance of recovering the full damages you deserve even after a hit and run accident. Call or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.