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Do Bigger Companies Have An Advantage a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

It may seem like common sense to assume that a large company will have an advantage in a personal injury lawsuit. But the actual answer may surprise you! Click here if you’d like to know the answers to more frequently asked legal questions.

Do Large Companies Have An Advantage In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The short answer is no!

Being able to deploy large amounts of money in a legal setting is obviously a good thing. However, there’s no inherent immunity for large companies. In addition, some of the largest and most recognizable companies on the planet have paid out large settlements as a result of a personal injury lawsuit.

A Famous Example

For example, consider the 1994 case of Stella Liebeck. She suffered severe burns after spilling a hot cup of McDonald’s coffee into her lap. Liebeck spent eight days in the hospital and required medical treatment long after the incident. McDonald’s refused a settlement to cover her medical expenses. So Liebeck sued for gross negligence.

Liebeck’s attorneys were able to show that the McDonald’s corporation was selling their coffee at an unreasonably high temperature. The company policy dictated that coffee be held between 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This was both far hotter than their competitors’ coffee and actively hazardous to the health of their customers. In fact 700 other burn incidents of varying severity occurred between 1982 and 1992, according to the company’s own internal documents. The judge sided with Stella Liebeck and awarded her compensation far richer than what she had requested to cover her expenses.

This decision caused a precipitous change in corporate policies all across the nation, as both McDonald’s and their competitors took steps to warn people about the potentially hazardous nature of their hot beverages. Both to protect the consumer and shield themselves from future lawsuits.

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