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Does Medicare Have A Lien Over Your Recovery?

Have you ever wondered if Medicare has liens over your recovery? Our firm handles insurances and medical providers every day. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today!

What Is Medicare?

Over the last 10 years, the amount of people on Medicare, the federal government’s insurer, has grown. This is a federal government insurance program that a lot of senior citizens are on or people with special disabilities. It’s run by the federal government. Let’s say that you’re an injury victim and you go to meet with your lawyer for the first time. One thing that they’re going to ask you about that we ask about here at our law firm is “Are you a Medicare recipient?” Will this government program pay some or all of your medical bills? If the answer is yes, the lawyer or the intake paralegals will want a copy of your Medicare card with your number on it.

Will Medicare Have A Lien Over Your Recovery?

You may be wondering, “well why is this necessary?” It’s necessary because in any personal injury case, if Medicare pays for some or all of your medical bills, they’re going to have a lien over your recovery. They can be tricky because you have to set up the lien early just like any other federal government program. Sometimes it can take a long time to get answers from the government authority. This federal government insurer can take weeks and months to give your lawyer or the law firm a response to inquiries. You typically would want to have the claim set up.

A claim has to be set up immediately so that there’s very little wait time after a case has been resolved for the client to receive their check. Medicare will not tell you what the final lien amount is until your case is resolved. Also, until you’ve reached a settlement agreement or you have received a positive outcome in court or mediation or arbitration. So when you come and meet with your lawyer, if you are a federal government or Medicare recipient, make sure you bring your Medicare card with you and tell your lawyer you have Medicare.

When all of this is done, the Medicare lien is identified and set up and successfully resolved meaning that the attorney negotiates down to the amount of the lien to its lowest possible amount then, your money can be disbursed to you. But it’s important not to ignore Medicare liens and to work on these liens early in the process.

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