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Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance

If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite injury, you have every right to pursue legal action against the dog owner. People have a responsibility to properly train and socialize their dogs. Otherwise they may pose a danger to themselves and the public at large. You likely already know this. What you may not be aware of is that in a dog bite case, the damages you recover will likely come from the dog owner’s homeowners insurance. You can learn how dog bites and homeowners insurance may complicate your claim along with other personal injury facts on both our blog and our YouTube Channel.

The Complications of Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance

In the immediate aftermath of a dog bite, the dog owner may be hesitant to offer their homeowners insurance information. While an exchange of insurance information is generally customary in the wake of an auto accident, you may encounter more resistance to this in the wake of a dog bite injury. This is where the services of a personal injury attorney with experience in dog bite cases can be invaluable. Filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit will force a reaction from the homeowner and their insurance company. It will take time and patience but you and your case will be on the path towards recovering the compensation you are entitled to.

How Malloy Law Can Help

The trauma of a dog bite injury can linger for years. Long after wounds are stitched closed and scars are fading the emotional toll remains. Malloy Law Offices understands the pain of a dog bite injury and wants to help the injured recover maximum compensation. We’ll face the insurance companies while you focus on your recovery. Our experienced attorneys specialize in resolving dog bite cases quickly and efficiently. Don’t face the aftermath of your dog bite injury alone. Contact Malloy Law today for a free consultation.