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Gaithersburg Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents happen in a flash. But the injuries that come with it don’t go away as quickly. Catastrophic injuries, sometimes even wrongful death come with car accidents. At times, hidden or unnoticeable injuries occur. The affects of a motor-vehicle crash can change your life forever but getting treatment and a Gaithersburg car accident attorney is crucial.

Here at Malloy Law Offices our Gaithersburg car accident attorney will get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to. We will do the work for you while you recover physically and emotionally.

The Key to a Car Accident Lawsuit

It can be extremely difficult to deal with insurance companies, however certain circumstances will determine who wins and how much compensation they get. The plaintiff (injured party) needs poof. Proof that:

  • The defendant (the party at-fault) was acting negligently, and
  • The accident was caused by the defendant’s negligence, and
  • They were injured in the accident.

The negligent party has to be proven wrong. What does that mean? One example is drinking and driving. The defendant would be considered careless because he got into a vehicle knowing their vision or reflexes would be compromised. Being drunk and behind the wheel is proof that the accident happened because of the affects of alcohol. These facts may seem obvious but in order to win a case, you have to be specific in the obvious facts. None the less this is not the only scenario of car accident recklessness.

Other examples of driver negligence may include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Failing to comply with traffic laws
  • Drowsy driving

If you can prove both that the driver was negligent and that the accident occurred as a result of this negligence you can win your case and recover compensation for your injuries. With the help of a Gaithersburg car accident attorney, you could then recover the maximum compensation. With an attorney you can also get legal help in case your lawsuit goes to court.

When Car Accident Cases Go to Court

Most personal injury cases are settled before reaching the courtroom. In fact, on average there’s only a 4-5% chance of any personal injury claim going to court. Either way, both cases in and out of the courtroom are no stranger to our legal team.

With our 15 years of experience, we will bring justice to your case. Although, we work diligently to settle an agreement before reaching court, it’s important to be prepared for all outcomes. Once your case is settled, how much is expected for damages?

How Much Settlement is in a Car Accident Claim?

There isn’t an exact number on how much compensation you will get. This is because every car accident case is different in many ways. The amount you receive will depend on multiple factors, including:

  • Type and severity of your injuries
  • Type and length of treatment
  • Impact on your ability to work now and in the future
  • Time off of work for recovery
  • How your injuries limit or restrict your daily activities

The compensation you receive should be maximum, as there will be medical costs, repair costs, loss of wages and even more factors. We are here to make sure insurance companies are offering what you deserve. They are a business, which means they have to make and save money. Unfortunately, not paying enough for damages is there way of saving money. Don’t trust them, instead, ask us at Malloy Law Offices to prove value to your claim.

Why Hire a Gaithersburg Car Accident Attorney?

Many parties are involved in a car accident. One of those parties being the insurance companies. They could try to make you feel at-fault. They could even devalue your case by claiming that your injuries are not serious. Whatever they claim, it won’t ever be in favor of the one filing a dispute.

All of these disputes can affect the outcome of your claim. Getting an attorney on your side to fight with you through the process will not only relieve stress of the work needing to be done but also, you won’t ever be manipulated into accepting something less than best. With our many years of expertise, we know what is best and we know how to evaluate each client’s case. Don’t settle for average.

Gaithersburg Car Accident Attorneys That You Can Trust

Insurance companies are only out to save themselves. We are out to save you trouble. Don’t wait; the sooner you open your claim, the higher chance you have in recovering what was lost from the crash. Contact us at (888) 770-4942 or visit our website at We don’t charge for consultations. We also don’t charge any fees on your case, unless we win. Being in a car accident can put you in a vulnerable state; you don’t have to do it alone.