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A medical malpractice incident could change your life forever. These medical error scenarios are the leading cause of injury and death in the United States. If you or your loved one has been injured due to the negligent act of a medical procedure, contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC. Our Gaithersburg Medical Malpractice Attorney will start your free consultation, so we can help you recover.

Why Malloy Law Offices, LLC as your Gaithersburg Medical Malpractice Attorney

Our dedicated and experienced legal team has been supporting and helping families in Gaithersburg since 2004. Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, we like to implement “The Malloy System” for each client that we receive. This experience includes honesty, open communication, and professionalism. Our superb Gaithersburg medical malpractice attorney team has managed a wide variety of medical malpractice cases in the DMV area. The Gaithersburg community knows us for leaving no stone unturned. We will get you the maximum compensation possible for you.

We could keep talking about those specific things that outstand our firm from our competitors, and turn this into a sales pitch. On the contrary, we will tell you what you need to know. We know all the tricks that insurance companies will play on you, in order to give you the minimum settlement possible. You need to remember that insurance companies are not your friends. Moreover, we will walk you through the whole process, so you can understand every single piece of your claim. For example, do you know what type of medical malpractice case do you have?

Types of Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical Malpractice is an area of law within Personal Injury, which includes a vast variety of different medical cases. Medical specialists have a critical job, and they need to make sure to provide you a professional and safe service. There are many circumstances that might lead to a medical negligent act. For example:

  • Anesthesia overdoses/anesthesia awareness
  • Birth injuries and preventable birth defects
  • Emergency room malpractice
  • Failure to obtain informed consent
  • Intubation errors and brain damage
  • Negligent or insufficient patient care
  • Prescription and medication mistakes
  • Surgical and operating room errors

Some common injuries that can come from medical malpractice include

  • bowel perforation
  • nicked arteries
  • nerve damage
  • operating on the wrong body part
  • leaving medical instruments or other objects inside the patient
  • and errors with anesthesia

Other injuries can include but are not limited to

  • bone misalignment
  • infection from poorly maintained surroundings or unchanged dressings
  • failure to recommend a diagnostic or preventative procedure
  • failure to perform a test or diagnostic procedure in a timely manner
  • no monitor of the patient

You are more than welcome to file a medical malpractice claim on your own. Nonetheless, we do not recommend you that. This is because you are more likely to get the proper compensation you are entitled to with a personal injury attorney. Once you decided for your Gaithersburg medical malpractice attorney, what’s next?

Next Steps With a Gaithersburg Medical Malpractice Attorney

We know that you’ve already suffered a medical malpractice injury. After that, you already decided to hire a Gaithersburg medical malpractice attorney. Now what? Well, you need to make sure that your medical malpractice lawyer is aware of your case and all the variants that surrounds a claim. It may seem daunting and confusing to gather every single document and paperwork. That is why a medical malpractice litigator should be ready to take the burden for you, and let you worry about your health, and your health only.

After you told your story to your personal injury attorney, make sure that he or she gathers all the proper documentation for the wellbeing of your case. There are some typical facts that can positively impact your case, such as having fresh details about the incident, and pictures about the consequences of the carelessness medical act. Other facts to keep in mind are:

  • Statute of limitations. There are different deadlines in every US state and many expectations to this rule. It’s always better to file right away.
  • Getting a certificate from a qualified expert. A medical expert must swear under oath that he or she has reviewed your case and believes you have a valid claim.
  • Having a “burden of proof” letter. As a plaintiff, you or your lawyer will have to prove the defendant caused your injuries in a way that another medical professional would not have in the same circumstances. Sometimes the negligent party will admit fault by giving you a burden of proof.


Experienced Gaithersburg Medical Malpractice Attorney

You can always file a claim on your own. However, you will always take the risk to get an inferior settlement from what you are actually entitled to. If you are not sure, start with our no-risk free consultation online with our Gaithersburg medical malpractice attorney or by calling (888) 982-0906. Our team at Malloy Law Offices, LLC will take the burden for you, while you only focus on recovery.