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Learn More About Construction Site Negligence In The DMV Area

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Construction Site Negligence In The DMV Area

Safety regulations are set in place for work done at construction sites. But construction workers accounted for 50% of all fatal work injuries in 2019 in the United States. A construction negligence occurs when a project does not follow existing safety rules or standards of care. It soon becomes a danger to workers or the public. Not all negligence occurs during the process of building a structure. Many problems arise when building project is complete because of negligence by the builder or contractor or subcontractor.

Medical Conditions and Causes Due To A Construction Injury

An injury from a construction site can carry significant risks to the injured construction worker. The cause of these injuries vary and are numerous. The most common causes of these injuries that occur in a construction site are falls, falling objects, poor equipment, fire explosions, and building collapses. These causes can lead to serious medical conditions such as broken bones, burns, amputation, paralysis, PTSD and more.

Improvements In The Construction Industry

Construction safety continues to evolve. Improvements in equipment and wearable technology have helped the construction industry pursue ahead. In 2021, the focus on personal protective equipment has increased significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the purpose the dangers that construction workers face, the proper resolution involves increase in awareness, training, regulation, and equipment. Equally, a proper understanding of equipment like aerial lifts or cranes is crucial to prevent accidents involving falling objects or collisions. Improving communication, such as a safety plan, has a measurable effect on safety.

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