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Maryland Catastrophic Injury Attorney

If you or someone you know has suffered a catastrophic injury, Malloy Law Offices can help. Our Maryland Catastrophic Injury Attorney understands the suffering and confusion that comes with such an event. We specialize in providing compassionate legal counsel and representation to victims of catastrophic injuries. With decades of combined experience and expertise, we are dedicated to helping our clients seek justice and maximum compensation for their losses.

Maryland catastrophic injury

Common Types of Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury is any physical, psychological or neurological injury that has a major long-term impact on the life of an individual. These injuries can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls, medical malpractice and other traumatic events. Common examples include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) – Caused by a bump or blow to the head that disrupts normal functioning of the brain. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, including confusion, headaches and in some cases permanent disability.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) – Occur when there is damage to any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the spinal canal. This can result in a loss of function or sensation. Common SCI symptoms include inability to control some body movements, paralysis and chronic pain.
  • Burn injuries – Typically caused by contact with hot objects or flames. Can leave victims with permanent disfigurement, scarring and excruciating pain. Depending on the severity of the burn injury, it can cause organ damage and even death.
  • Amputations – Occur when part of the body such as an arm or leg is severed from its original location. The most common causes are accidents involving industrial machinery or motor vehicles, diabetes-related infection and battle-related amputations due to land mines or shrapnel wounds.
  • Orthopedic/Fracture injuries – Broken bones or joint dislocations that can be caused by falls, automobile accidents and workplace incidents. Symptoms of a fracture may include severe pain, swelling and bruising.

The Law Around Catastrophic Injuries

Traumatic brain injury

In legal terms, catastrophic injuries can refer to any type of personal injury which restricts an individual’s ability to undertake everyday activities and/or return to their job. This could include permanent disability or disfigurement as well as extreme pain and suffering.

When pursuing a catastrophic injury claim in court, attorneys must also be able to prove that the injury was caused by negligence on the part of another party. They must also demonstrate the extent of their client’s suffering.  In order to establish liability, Attorneys must provide evidence such as:

  • Medical records
  • Expert testimony
  • Witness statements
  • Photos
  • Other relevant documentation.

By pursuing a catastrophic injury claim with the help of a qualified attorney, victims can seek financial compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other damages resulting from their injuries. This can be invaluable in providing individuals with access to necessary care and providing financial security during recovery.

In addition to seeking legal compensation for their losses, it is important for victims of catastrophic injuries to understand their rights. This includes understanding their legal options and the steps necessary to pursue a successful claim. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help victims ensure they receive the monetary compensation and justice they deserve.

How A Maryland Catastrophic Injury Attorney Can Help

Maryland catastrophic injury

At Malloy Law Offices, we know that there is no amount of money that could possibly compensate for the losses associated with a catastrophic injury. However, we strive to ensure that our clients receive fair treatment under Maryland law. We’ll fight on your behalf on their behalf in court or negotiate successfully during settlement proceedings. Our attorneys have extensive experience with cases involving personal injury—including those involving a catastrophic injury.

We have the knowledge of Maryland laws and court system to seek rightful compensation for our clients while they focus on their recovery. We work hard to ensure that our clients are treated fairly under Maryland law and receive maximum compensation for their losses. When you choose Malloy Law Offices as your Maryland Catastrophic Injury Attorney, you can have peace of mind. You have an experienced attorney by your side. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.