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Maryland Product Liability Attorney

Product liability is the legal responsibility of a manufacturer or seller for any harm that certain products may cause. The Maryland product liability attorney at Malloy Law Offices has the experience and expertise to help those who have been injured by a defective or unsafe product. They can assist in evaluating your case, preserving evidence, filing claims, negotiating settlements and representing you in court if necessary. Whether you were injured while using a defective medical device, dangerous household appliance or any other type of product, our Maryland product liability attorneys can ensure that your rights are fully protected. Contact Malloy Law Offices today to learn more about how we can help with your case.

Maryland product liability attorney

Why Choose Malloy Law?

With decades of combined experience handling Maryland product liability cases, the lawyers at Malloy Law Offices have the skill and knowledge to provide clients with successful results. We understand the complexities of Maryland product liability laws, so we work quickly and efficiently to resolve your case efficiently. Our Maryland product liability attorney team is committed to getting you the justice and compensation you deserve. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective or unsafe product, contact Malloy Law Offices today for a free consultation.

What is Product Liability?

product liability attorney

Product liability is a legal concept that holds manufacturers and sellers of products responsible for any injuries caused by their products. It is the responsibility of companies to make sure the products they produce are safe to use. If not, they can be held accountable for any harm caused by them. Companies should also provide accurate information about their product’s safety features and warnings. Customers have certain rights when it comes to product liability claims, so it’s important for companies to understand their obligations under the law. Companies need to take proactive steps to ensure they are in compliance with all applicable laws regarding product safety and consumer protection statutes.

Legal Complications in Product Liability Cases

Product liability case

Product liability cases encompass a wide range of legal issues related to unsafe or defective products. These cases can involve anything from manufacturing defects and design flaws to inadequate labeling and warnings. Common types of product liability claims include negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability, and misrepresentation. Negligence occurs when the manufacturer fails to provide a reasonably safe product. Or if they provide one that is not fit for its intended purpose. Breach of warranty involves an assurance made by the manufacturer regarding a product’s quality or safety. Strict liability applies when a manufacturer produces an inherently dangerous product. Misrepresentation involves false statements about a product’s characteristics. So all four types of product liability claims may be used in order for plaintiffs to recover damages.

Additionally, product liability cases can involve multiple parties, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Generally speaking, any party involved in the supply chain may be held liable for a defective product that causes harm to consumers. Each individual state has its own set of laws governing product liability cases. Therefore making it important to seek legal guidance from an experienced attorney.

How a Maryland Product Liability Attorney Can Help

Maryland product liability attorney

Our Maryland product liability attorneys have extensive experience. We’ve represented individuals in claims against manufacturers or sellers for products that caused injury. If you were injured by an automobile part, medical device, household appliance or any other type of defective or unsafe product, our Maryland product liability lawyers can help protect your rights and get the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Malloy Law Offices today to learn more about how we can help with your Maryland product liability case.