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Montgomery Village Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice is one of the top leading causes of death in The United States, according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC). Medical errors are serious, which is why you need a Montgomery Village Medical Malpractice lawyer on your side. Getting an attorney will stop insurance companies from “helping you” recover an amount that is subpar. This amount will generally not be enough.

There may be wages that you’ve lost due to the injury. These amounts of lost wages will be taken into account with a lawyer. In fact, in Maryland there is no cap as to how much an injured party can recover due to medical malpractice. However, recovering the finances after a medical error is not easy. You can get the maximum back with a top negotiator, such as our Montgomery Village medical malpractice lawyer team.

Why You Should Choose Malloy Law Offices, LLC

Why should you choose us over anyone else? When you hire us, we will do the work for you and you will know what’s happening through the whole claims process. We are transparent and want to educate our clients not just keep them guessing. Our team genuinely cares about people. Hiring us means you will no just be a number in our system but a member of the Malloy family.

We welcome all. Not just English speakers but we have a wide range of languages that members of our team are fluent in. Some of those languages include Spanish and Russian. Lastly, our years of experience has brought us award recognition for our work. This is due to our real-world experience convincing many insurance companies, hospitals, among others to settle on large amounts. Amounts that at times can secure a client for a lifetime. If you think you have a case, contact us right away. If you’re still unsure about hiring a Montgomery Village medical malpractice layer, keep reading.

What Cases a Montgomery Village Medical Malpractice Lawyer Claims

Medical malpractice is a broad term for many types of injury-causing accidents. This area of law involves a negligent doctor, hospital, treatment center, etc. Negligence could derive from many actions. Actions such as:

  • Anesthesia overdoses/anesthesia awareness
  • Birth injuries and preventable birth defects
  • Emergency room malpractice
  • Failure to obtain informed consent
  • Intubation errors and brain damage
  • Negligent or insufficient patient care
  • Prescription and medication mistakes
  • Surgical and operating room errors

Some common medical malpractice injuries

  • bowel perforation
  • nicked arteries
  • nerve damage
  • operating on the wrong body part
  • leaving medical instruments or other objects inside the patient
  • and errors with anesthesia

Other injuries can include but are not limited to

  • bone misalignment
  • infection from poorly maintained surroundings or unchanged dressings
  • failure to recommend a diagnostic or preventative procedure
  • failure to perform a test or diagnostic procedure in a timely manner
  • no monitor of the patient

Medical specialists and medical centers have a high responsibility to keep patients safe. After an injury like this, recovery is possible. Going to a doctor may be the last thought on your mind – after such injury – but you can get the right treatment by contacting a Montgomery Village medical malpractice lawyer.

Next Steps With a Montgomery Village Medical Malpractice Lawyer

After starting a case, a lawyer can direct you to a medical specialist they know will value your case and they can trust. Getting treatment right away is always the best idea. This is because you never know how the injury with affect you down the road. A lawyer will guide you through the process. The most important part is that you focus on getting back to health. When hiring a medical malpractice attorney always keep in mind:

  • Statute of limitations. There are different deadlines in every US state and many expectations to this rule. It’s always better to file right away.
  • Getting a certificate from a qualified expert. A medical expert must swear under oath that he or she has reviewed your case and believes you have a valid claim.
  • Having a “burden of proof” letter. As a plaintiff, you or your lawyer will have to prove the defendant caused your injuries in a way that another medical professional would not have in the same circumstances. Sometimes the negligent party will admit fault by giving you a burden of proof.

All evidence will be used to secure a higher settlement. The more evidence, the better. Use it to your advantage.

Get treatment soon after you discover the injury and contact an attorney right away for legal justice. Our team will make sure you get the best care and we will find a way to work out medical costs, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Experienced Gaithersburg Medical Malpractice Attorney

Filing and settling a claim on your own is possible. None the less, you run the risk of a lower settlement. You may think, in the end it could be worth it because lawyers probably cost so much. Our law firm, however, never makes you pay out of pocket. We run on a contingency fee service, which means you don’t pay a fee unless we get you recovery. We understand the physical, emotional and financial stress of medical negligence. Contact our Montgomery Village medical malpractice lawyer team today: (888) 982-0906. Getting maximum compensation is just one phone call or click away.