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Personal Injury Attorney in Virginia

Was it a rainy day an the drive behind you did not hit the brakes on time? Or was it a typical Wednesday and you were out grocery shopping in Virginia and there just happened to be water on the floor? Many people suffer an injury when they least expect it while they are doing a daily routine. Whether it is grocery shopping day or coming back from work, accidents are bound to happen. As many know, not only do they happen but most of the time we have very to little control over it.

If you recently suffered from an injury, let us be the first to let you know that we understand. Injuries are usually completely unexpected and most of the time have really horrible timing. The good thing is that laws in Virginia exist to help the victims receive compensation for the suffering and loss an accident may have caused in their lives.

Even better news, there are lawyers that specialize in injuries that are here to make the process much easier and straightforward. Here at Malloy Law, we specialize in every type of personal injury case.

You may wonder, what are the different types of injuries one call suffer and file a lawsuit for?

Well, here are a few examples:

However, many people are actually scared at the thought of hiring a lawyer because they believe the experience and process are very difficult. The good news, it actually is not!

The Hiring Process

The first step is actually the most important, and it is finding the right attorney that understands best your needs. Aside from finding the attorney that specializes in your case. It would not make sense to go to an Immigration Attorney for a Slip and Fall accident.

Once you find the attorney that you feel confident will do their best to help, it is time to get a consultation. Here in Virginia, at Malloy Law, we offer free consultations to the victim and they can come to meet with us without having to worry about any fees and we can just focus on really understanding the incident and how we may be of service.

The process after that is pretty straightforward, as your lawyer will walk you through all the steps. They will first reach out to the insurance company to try to reach a settlement before having to file a lawsuit. In the case that is not possible, they will open up a lawsuit where the Discovery and Deposition process will begin. If needed the case will go through Mediation and possibly Trial.

If you suffered an accident, give us a call to see how we can help you get awarded for your injuries!