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Potomac Car Accident Attorney

A car accident happens in a flash. No one is ever ready for a motor-vehicle crash. However, a Potomac Car Accident Attorney will stand up and fight for you. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC and start your free consultation today. We will recover what was lost, while you focus on your recovery.

Evidence for a Potomac Car Accident Attorney

One of the main topics in a car accident claim is proving the negligence from the other party. It is important to gather all the information possible for your case. The more information you posses, the better the settlement you will receive. Without information, the other party might argue that you were at fault, and that you provoked the other party’s injuries. Take every single piece of information, and take care of it. No matter how small, it can significantly and positively impact your personal injury case. A Potomac car accident attorney will make this process easier, because he or she will be able to prove that:

  • The defendant was acting negligently
  • The accident had to been caused by the defendant’s negligence
  • You (as the other party) were affected by the accident with an injury

Negligent Drivers Examples

It might be obvious to you that the car accident was not your fault. You may even consider handling the car accident claim on your own. That is fine, and totally doable. Moreover, you could be thinking about accepting the insurance company’s offer. However, every single decision that you take on your own, will get a smaller compensation than with a Potomac car accident attorney. If you are completely reluctant and skeptical about hiring a motor-vehicle accident lawyer, we do recommend you getting legal council, at least. Here at Malloy Law Offices, we take care not only about clients, but about those that are trying to get some legal advice.

Our Potomac car accident attorney will explain you the whole process and the way the law works. Then, you will be able to decide what’s best for you and your case. If you hire a car accident lawyer or not, make sure that the litigator doesn’t treat you like a number, but as an actual person seeking legal help. This is strictly important, because there are several negligent driver examples that could fall under your claim. A drunk driver behind the wheel is one of the most common negligent acts, while driving.

Other examples of driver negligence may include

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Failing to comply with traffic laws
  • Drowsy driving

Most people assume that hiring a lawyer means that they will go to court. This is not always the case. In fact, it’s surprising how many car accident cases are settled before going to court. No matter the circumstances, our Potomac personal injury attorney at Malloy Law Offices, LLC will get ready for every possible scenario.

Car Accident Claims

Contrary to popular belief, most car accident claims are negotiated and settled outside of the courtroom. Only about 4%-5% of car crash claims are moved to trial for further negotiation. Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC our legal team will make a throughout investigation about your case. Your Potomac car accident attorney will be ready for every single step of your car accident claim.

The Malloy Law Offices, LLC team has some of the top trial negotiators and experienced litigators in Potomac. We have been in practice for over 16 years. This has given us a significant and vast amount of knowledge and experience within personal injury law.

A Potomac Car Accident Attorney Will Help you Settle

Not every settlement is the same. Furthermore, not every settlement is easy. On the contrary, its difficulty and length will depend on the accident that you suffered. A Potomac car accident attorney will help you recover the maximum compensation possible for your case. The final settlement offer that you are entitled to should cover your medical bills, lost wages (if applicable), emotional damage (if related), and possibly more costs. Recovery is possible and will depend on:

  • Type and severity of your injuries
  • Type and length of treatment
  • How your injuries have impacted your ability to work in the future
  • Time off work taken due to the accident
  • Daily activities being affect by the injury

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Here at Malloy Law Offices, we  work on a contingency fee, which means that we don’t charge a cent until we win your case. Our Potomac car accident attorney will leave no stone unturned until we get the compensation you deserve. Start today with a no-risk free case evaluation. Call (888) 982-0906 or submit a form on our website. We will help you bounce back.