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Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer

When you buy a product at the store, online, or through Amazon, you always expect the best outcome possible. Especially when you are paying a big amount of money. But, sometimes you might experience a product malfunction which could case you a personal injury. Product Liability cases are really hard to handle, because there are a lot of parties involved. You might be wondering, what ca I do after my product malfunction injury? Can I sue the company who created the product? Where do I start? The first step is to get in touch with a Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer.

Product liability law is very complex, and no every attorney is familiar with it. In Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., there are some specific insights that every lawyer should know. The first thing that you — as a victim — should be aware of is that no two product liability cases are the same. Some people might suffer some small injuries, but others could face life altering scenarios. The other main thing to keep in mind is that typically product liability cases in Maryland area involve a lot of parties at the same time. So, always contact a Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer.

Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer

Can The Manufacturer Be Held Legally Responsible For A Product Malfunction?

A product’s liability has multiple different possibilities, with different parties linked to the same case. Some parties who may held legally responsible for a product malfunction case could be:

  • Product designer
  • Assembler of the product
  • Manufacturers of the different parts of the product
  • Wholesale companies
  • Retailers

As we mentioned above, every product liability case is different. There are different inconveniences for different types of products. Suffering an injury from a hairdryer malfunction is not the same as an injury from a car malfunction (learn more about “Lemon Law“).

Cases Our Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer Handles

Arguably, in Maryland product liability law is more straight forward than Virginia, and D.C. However, you will still require the help of a Takoma Park product liability lawyer to determine the true value of your case. There are certain issues that could fall under a specific area of law within product liability law. On the other hand, there might be some malfunctions coming from design, manufacturing, or even marketing and packaging defects, that could not be enough to have a case. So, what are the different types of product liability claims?

Design Defects

This is the simplest and most common type of product liability claim. This occurs as a result of a problem arising from how the item was made. This could be coming from the assembly line at the factory, or from the design engineers that work in the render sample of the product. Regardless, you can always talk to a lawyer to know more about your potential claim.

Manufacturing Defects

There are occasions where an entire line of products suffers a specific and tiny problem that will impact in the whole line. Manufacturing is the second most common type of product liability cases in the United States. The people and entities that made the blueprint or specifications for the product may be responsible for failing to take foreseeable risks into account.

Marketing Defects (Failures to Warn)

It is the manufacturer’s duty to properly and accurately provide instructions on how to use a product. Moreover, they should also warn consumers about the item’s potential risks and secondary effects. A really good example of failures to warn are the Zantac Cancer lawsuits. However, manufacturers will not be liable for failing to warn of obvious risks, such as the fact that a knife is sharp.

Breach of Warranty

Warranties are made to protect the consumer from manufacturing or marketing defects within a certain period of time. It is usually something extra that it is 100% up to the customer. However, there are victims with claims based on a breach of express warranty. You might find a warranty on labeling or packaging, in the advertising for a product, or in a manual of the product.


Regardless of who or what caused the accident that provoked your injuries, remember one thing. The other party will have a team of good lawyers that will minimize you case and your injuries. Moreover, they might even call you to offer you a settlement offer. But, that’s just a fraction of what you are actually entitled to. Talk to a Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer to learn more.

Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer

How Can I Prove Negligence With A Takoma Park Product Liability Lawyer?

You might be forgiven for thinking that product liability cases are easy to prove. But, nothing could be further that the truth. Contrary to popular believe, insurance companies will make the impossible to prove that you were at fault. So, that makes you the one responsible for your injuries. Nevertheless, you didn’t but a product to get its malfunctions, but to enjoy the features and results of it. That is why you need an excellent and experienced Takoma Park product liability lawyer to fight by your side. You attorney may show:

  • The product was defective, and
  • The product was reasonably dangerous as a result of this defect, and
  • The defect existed at the time the product left the seller and the product did not substantially change by the time it was in the plaintiff’s possession, and
  • The plaintiff used the product as it was intended, and
  • The defect directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries


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