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The Safehouse of Yuri Nosenko Located In Maryland?

Are you familiar with the name Yuri Nosenko? His safehouse was located around our area in Clinton, Maryland. For more information, contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today!

Personal injury attorney, Seann Malloy, takes a visit in Cosca Regional Park. It’s a quiet park in Clinton, Maryland. There is a beautiful lake and it’s a nice place to go for a walk or to just take in nature. A Clinton, Maryland folk lord, a KGB defector named Yuri Nosenko, was kept in a safehouse somewhere in Clinton, Maryland and was kept here from 1964 to 1965. The CIA confined him in a safehouse in Clinton, Maryland.

Who Was Yuri Nosenko?

Yuri Nosenko claimed to be a KGB agent and a defector. The reason the CIA kept is because they had doubts about whether he was truly a defector or whether he was a KGB plant and intended to be a double agent. Yuri Nosenko claimed to have top secret information from the KGB about the assassination of Kennedy. The reason that the CIA thought that maybe he wasn’t genuinely a defector was because he had lied about his rank and a couple other key facts about himself.

Now the CIA kept him here from 1964 to 1965 and interrogated him at the safehouse in Clinton, Maryland. Neighbors reported Yuri Nosenko and his CIA handlers taking Yuri Nosenko out for exercise in this park. It’s not clear what methods they use to interrogate him. Maybe they had water poured on him or maybe they used brutal methods. It’s not entirely sure. Eventually, they were satisfied that Yuri Nosenko was not a KGB double agent plant and they let him go. They let him become a U.S. citizen and he lived out his days as a consultant in the Washington D.C. area. He eventually passed away in 2008.

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