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What Are Dockets And How Can You Search For Them?

Have you heard of dockets? This is where legal parties track information from various cases. Our lawyers are willing to help you with any information in regards to your case. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today!

What Is A Docket?

With all the paperwork and evidence that’s required for a personal injury case, you may wonder, how do legal parties keep track of all this information? This is what a docket is for essentially. It’s a place where you can go to look up information about your case and to see what’s new, what’s been filed, court dates, when the court is set, the status of your case. It’s not unusual for a client to want to be able to access the dockets for their case once a lawsuit is filed for their personal injury case. This is public information.

How Can You Search Up Dockets In The DMV Area?

In the states where we practice, Maryland, The District of Columbia, and Virginia, you could look up information about your cases in the online docket. In Maryland, if you want to look up the online docket of your case, whether it’s a circuit court or district court, you can go to the website link in this video. If you click on it, you have to agree to certain terms and then anybody can access the online docket. You don’t have to have a password, you don’t have to be a lawyer.

Similarly, in the District of Columbia, you could go to the website for the District of Columbia’s superior court and click the link for online services, scroll down the menu of options, and you’ll see judicial case search. You can actually click on the document and you can read the document that’s been filed in your case. That’s a new feature that’s been added over the last couple years. In Virginia, each county district court and circuit court operates their own online case search.

So you can go to the website for the county where the court is, where your case has been filed, and you can find the link to access your online docket. Every jurisdiction is different in the United States when it comes to how dockets work. However, they can help organize the dates and facts of the case for both the client and the judge.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help?

Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, our clients are always curious about the status of their case. Our attorneys have years of experience when it comes to handling these scenarios. They are always willing to guide clients when searching for dockets. To see more on how our lawyers handle these cases, click here. Call (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation.