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What Happens If I Experience An E-Scooter Accident In Washington D.C.?

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Riding electric scooters has grown in popularity. Unfortunately, this scooter boom has generated negative scenarios. In the past 4 years, there’ve been 40,000 scooter accidents in the United States. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) researchers have found that e-scooter riders sustained more injuries per mile than bicyclists. Also, those who ride an electric scooter were two times more likely to be injured due potholes, pavement cracks, lampposts, and sign posts. However, bicyclists are still more likely to be hit by a motor vehicle since they are legally supposed to be riding on public roads.

E-Scooter Accident Statistics

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, e-scooters resulted in an estimated 50,000 emergency department visits and almost 30 fatalities between 2017-2019. Additionally, e-scooter riders are on the rise as people seek social-distance appropriate alternatives to public transportations such as buses and trains as the pandemic continues. Just like bicycles, electric scooters can cause similar injures. For instance, if a rider was not wearing a helmet, they can have serious injuries such as skull fractures and loss of consciousness.

What Are the E-Scooter Laws In Washington D.C.?

Many e-scooter riders also lack experience which increases the crash risk significantly. In addition, the level of danger scooters pose to pedestrians varies on the city. In Washington D.C., the local law caps their speed at 10 mph to prevent riders from causing any serious harm amongst pedestrians. The D.C. Council gave approval on October 2020 to a bill establishing rules and restrictions on the companies that rent out scooters. These laws include:

  • Requiring devices to be locked to racks or other objects while maintaining at least three feet of unobstructed walkway
  • A $150 fine for riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs and a $125 penalty for tampering with the vehicles
  • Instructing the D.C. Department of Transportation to build at least 200 racks a year until 2025 for parking
  • Scooters will be banned from placing within 300 feet of an elementary school, middle school or senior wellness center, unless it is close to a Metro station

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