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What Is It Really Like To Face A Jury Trial?

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Most of us if not all of us have seen or heard of a jury trial. Whether it’s in the movies, in shows, or maybe even in person. If you end up facing a trial for any reason, there’s nothing to be afraid of. The formal definition of a trial is the examination of facts and law presided over by a judge. This means both the plaintiff and the defendant along with the judge meet to go over the evidence with the help of a jury in a courtroom. There may be witnesses involved in a jury trial to help one party or the other plead their case.

Who Can Serve On A Jury Trial?

Our American jury trial system is borrowed from the English common law. When our ancestors came to the United States from England, they brought their legal traditions with them. One of the most important legal traditions they brought with them was the jury trial. This can be traced back to medieval England when litigants or parties to dispute were heard by a jury of their peers. Male, land owners, women couldn’t serve on the juries back then. But now, who could serve on a jury?

Anybody. Any U.S. citizen conserved on a jury in our area or Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia, jurors are chosen from the voting rolls. A trial begins once all the parties are called to meet and a jury is selected. Each party is entitled to an opening statement by their attorney as long as there is evidence that will be relevant to back up the claims in the opening statement. The jury could be asked to be polled meaning that the judge will ask each individual juror, “Is this your verdict? Do you agree with the verdict?” because the verdict has to be anonymous.

After the trial is concluded, your lawyer may even have the chance to talk to the juror to see what they were thinking, what evidence they considered. It’s totally up to the juror whether they want to talk to the lawyer or not. Speaking of our practice areas in personal injuries, one big thing to keep in mind is that not all personal injury lawsuits go to trial. In fact, most cases end up getting settled before ever reaching the trial stage. Less than 5% of cases filed in the United States ever end up in trial.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Ease Your Mind?

So unlike the movies, not everyone will experience the daunting thought of going to court. Even if your case needs to be pushed for a jury trial, there’s nothing to stress about. Here at Malloy Offices, LLC, our attorneys will walk you through every step and ease your mind. We have many years of experiences when it comes to trial. If you would like to see how we handle these events, click here to view more. Lastly, call (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation.