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What Is The Law On Discovery Rule In The DMV Area?

Are you aware of the discovery rule in the DMV area? Each state or territory has their own law when it comes to the discovery rule. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today to learn more!

What Is A Discovery Rule?

The deadline to start a personal injury case is known as the statute of limitations. This varies depending on certain situations where the discovery rule might be applied. This term is used to determine when the timeline to file a lawsuit runs out, especially in medical malpractice cases. This rule states that whenever the injury is discovered, that’s when the clock would begin to start. A misdiagnosis could fall under the discovery rule because it might take time for the problem to be seen.

What Is The Discovery Rule Law In Maryland?

However, a botched surgery could be considered a problem that should take no time at all to find out. In this case, the clock would start to run right away. There’s a deadline of only a couple of years to start your medical malpractice case. For example, in Maryland, the injured party has 3 years from the date of discovery to file suit. Laws are complex and can change the outcome of your circumstance. This is why it’s important to consult an attorney right away if you’re seeking legal representation. So if you were injured in any way, be aware and don’t wait another second. It’s always better to ask than to risk your health.

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