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What Is The New Law For Electric Vehicles In The DMV Area?

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The electric road is here and it’s staying for good and bringing changes with it. At least 20% of parking spots in new or renovated commercial and apartment buildings would need to have electric car charging stations by January of 2022. Moreover, e-scooter users will now play a part in contributory negligence in Washington D.C. So, if e-scooter riders are at 1% at-fault, they can still recover medical bills. In 2016, Washington D.C. called out that pedestrians and bicyclists will be at fault in an accident. Therefore, if they get into an accident, contributory negligence will no longer bar them from financial recovery.

What Is The New Law For Electric Vehicles?

There is also a new law that passed called the Vulnerable User Collision Recovery Amendment Act (VUCRAA). This would enable e-scooter riders to recover compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, and other damages even if they were partially to blame for the accident. Any vulnerable road user or VRU who is involved in a motor vehicle accident might be entitled to compensation. The contributory negligence law will not apply the same in certain circumstances.

What Will The EV Charging Stations Look Like?

Charging stations for electric cars. Blocks with residential permit parking are ineligible. There should be no more than two spots per block that can be designated for EV charging. For every 2 charging stations installed in the CBD by a vendor, the vendor must install 7 stations each serving at least 2 spaces, outside the CBD. A vendor’s permit application for a 15th station won’t be approved until they have charging stations in each ward. In Maryland, the charging station will cost $0.18 per Kwh and in Washington D.C, $2.50 per Kwh.

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