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What Should You Do After A Medical Malpractice In The DMV Area?

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Medical malpractices is an area of personal injury law that involves an injured victim being injured while receiving medical treatment from a licensed medical provider. It doesn’t have to be a medical doctor. It could be a nurse or a nurse practitioner or a nursing home case or any type of case involving a licensed medical professional that deviates from the standard of care and injures a patient victim and causes damages or injuries as a result.

Understanding Standard Of Care In Medical Malpractice In The DMV Area

Doctors are humans also. Doctors are allowed to make mistakes. Not every injury that happens while under the care of a doctor or some type of medical practitioner, is a medical malpractice case. Not every mistake made by a doctor is medical malpractice. Doctors are allowed a certain latitude to make mistakes. In legal speak, this is called the standard of care.

What a patient can expect is that their treatment will be within the standard of care. When a medical malpractice case exist, is when the treatment rendered is outside of the applicable standard of care and to prove what the standard of care is, your lawyer is going to need to hire expert, witnesses, medical doctors who are experts in their fields and can explain to a jury or an insurance company what the standard of care is and how the doctor or other medical provider deviated from the standard of care.

In medical malpractice cases, there are oftentimes that an insurance company on the other side, the doctor or the doctor’s practice or the hospital, there can be several different types or layers of corporate defendants and an insurance company. It’s important to understand the various types of defendants and how they work together to defend the medical malpractice client.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help With Your Medical Malpractice Case?

When you come to our law firm and you meet with the lawyers here for the first time, you can expect the the lawyers are going to want to know everything about the treatment you received at the medical facility or the hands of a medical professional, why you pursued the treatment, what happened, how you were injured, how the injuries impacted your life, and what medical treatments you pursued since then. We’re going to want to know what injuries you suffered from now and how it’s affecting your life, how it’s affecting your loved one. We’re going to want to know what you expect for the future and how you’ve been impacted by the medical negligence injury. We use this information to pursue your case and obtain the best possible results for you.

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Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, we understand that mistakes happen. We also want to ensure that our clients’ injuries from a medical malpractice are within the standard of care. Our lawyers are expertise in this field. These mistakes happen in the Washington, D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area. If you want to learn more information, click here to see how our field of expertise handle these scenarios. Additionally, you can give our medical malpractice lawyer a call at (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation.