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What Should You Do After A Motorcycle Accident In The DMV Area?

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A motorcycle accident is a unique type of accident and there are many factors that contribute to a motorcycle accident that may not exist for other types of motor vehicle accidents. For example, a motorcycle is much smaller than other types of motor vehicles on the road. Motorists may not see or be aware of the motorcyclists. It’s not unusual for a motorcycle to become involved in an accident because the motorcyclist is in the motor’s blind spot or they’re proceeding through an intersection or a portion of the road. They’re oftentimes not as easy to see as other types of motor vehicles.

Should I Contact My Insurance Company After A Motorcycle Accident In The DMV Area?

The reason that motorcycle accidents can cause injuries that are more severe than other types of motor vehicle accidents is because the motorcyclist is exposed. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries, injuries that are much more serious than if the same impact were to occur with two motor vehicles. It’s not unusual to see traumatic brain injuries, serious head injuries, broken bones, much more serious injuries than you may see in a motor vehicle accident. One way that we see insurance companies treat motorcycle accident victims unfairly is by blaming the motorcycle injury victim. They’re essentially blaming the motorcyclists for being a motorcycle enthusiast and exercising their rights to safely operate a motor vehicle on the roads. This is very unfair and it’s an unfair way that insurance companies treat motorcycle injury victims and we see this in court when insurance company attorneys blame the motorcycle injury victim.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help You With Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

It’s important to find a lawyer who understands the dynamics of motorcycle injuries and can fight hard on your behalf to hold the insurance company accountable and to make sure that the insurance company does not engage in victim blaming when it comes to motorcycle injury victims. When you suffer a motorcycle injury and you hire our firm, we’re going to pursue damages including the value of your medical treatment or unpaid medical bills. If you missed work or you can’t work, we’re going to pursue your lost income. If you’ve suffered a permanent injury, we’re going to pursue the pain and suffering and compensation for your permanent injuries. Pain and suffering for pain and discomfort. You can expect our firm to fight hard to pursue all these various avenues of compensation for you.

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As a result, we believe our motorcyclists should be treated as equally as other motor vehicle owners. We experience these cases frequently in Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. If you want to learn more information, click here to see how our attorneys resolve these situations. If you are ready to begin your claim, call Malloy Law Offices, LLC at (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation.