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What Should You Do After a Traumatic Brain Injury In the DMV Area?

Traumatic brain injuries could happen as a result of any type of accident. We see traumatic brain injuries in the DMV area in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrians hit by a car, trucking accidents,  premises cases, any type of slip and fall, trip and fall.


Every category of injury case that we handle, we’ve seen traumatic brain injuries and it’s a unique category of injury. It can severely impact the person’s life. Having an injury like that can really impact the way that your loved ones live and the future for your family. When a client comes to see us, oftentimes they’re confused about which way to go, they’re worried about getting better because a traumatic brain injury could drastically affect the injury victim’s quality of life, ability to earn a living, and they’re afraid for the future. It’s our job to put them at ease. We talk to them about their case so that they understand how we would go about pursuing their case, talk to them about how we can help them to obtain the medical treatment that they need to get better.

How Can Malloy Law Offices, LLC Help With Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case In The DMV Area?

When you come to our law firm, you can expect that we’re going to want to get to know you and find out everything about your injury and the accident and how it has affected you. We’re going to want to know how your traumatic brain injury is impacting your life. We’re going to want to really dig into your medical history and your medical records so that we can best present your case to the insurance company or to the court. It’s important that your lawyers understand traumatic brain injuries and how they manifest themselves in victims in traumatic brain injuries because it’s the lawyer’s job to explain to the insurance company or the court how this is impacting your life and exactly how you’ve been injured and how the lives of your loved ones have been turned upside down.

Traumatic brain injury

We’re a five lawyer firm. We employ a team-based approach to handling ease of each case. We find that this team-based approach gets the best results for our clients. I work on these cases along with the other lawyers at the firm and the paralegals. The lawyers at our law firm are top lawyers in their fields. All the paralegals here are experienced. When we use a team-based approach to handle your case, we can leverage the experience and work ethic of everybody at the law firm to get you the best result.

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Brain injuries happen unexpectedly. Additionally, Malloy Law Offices, LLC is always prepared in handling the these cases in the DMV area. If you’re ready to start your traumatic brain injury claim, contact our brain injury attorney today or call our firm at (888) 982-0906 for a free consultation. If you want to learn more about how brain injuries in the DMV area, click here to learn how to handle these unexpected events.