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What Should You Do After A Trucking Accident In the DMV Area?

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The reason that injuries sustained during a trucking accident in the DMV area is because the truck has such great weight and mass and it’s traveling at such a high rate of speed that it causes serious damage to anything that it strikes. So, when a giant truck is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, it often results in serious injuries and sometimes even death. These injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, very serious life altering injuries that can destroy a person’s life and alter how they’re able to enjoy their life. It impacts their loved ones too because the loved ones of that injury victim have to go through or deal with the injury victim and it turns their life upside down also.

The Truck Industry In A Trucking Accident Case In The DMV Area

Trucking accidents are a unique category of injury because the trucking industries are regulated by the government. How that affects how a lawyer approaches a trucking accident is that there are many things that need to be done right away. There’s a lot of evidence that disappears soon after a trucking accident. Oftentimes after a trucking accident, the truck driver has to undergo testing to see if they were under the influence of some type of neurotic or alcohol or drug.

Truck drivers are subject to many regulations that regulate how many hours they could be on the road, how long they can drive, the amount or the duration of a break that they must have and it’s important to capture this information soon after a trucking accident happens. The insurance companies are going to make it hard to obtain this information so you’re going to need a lawyer you can fight for you and understand how these cases work and can obtain the evidence that you need right away for your case.

How Malloy Law Offices, LLC Can Help You With Your Trucking Accident Case?

When you meet with the lawyers at our firm for the first time, what you can expect is that they’re going to want to know everything about your accident, your case, and the injuries you have suffered because when you suffered a truck accident case, it’s important that we know everything that happened so we can obtain all of the evidence that may be out there. We’re going to want to know everything about your injuries and your treatment because we want to know what categories of damages we should be pursuing. We’re going to want to know how the injuries have affected you, affected your family because there are categories of damages that we’re going to want to pursue for you as a result of the impact that your injuries have had not only on you but also on your family. 

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No one is every prepared for a truck accident to happen. Here at our firm, we understand what our clients and their loved ones are going through after a severe trucking accident. If you want to learn more information about this, click here to see how our attorneys handle these events. You can also call Malloy Law Offices, LLC at (888) 607-8960 for a free consultation.