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What Should You Do After Experiencing A Ridesharing Accident?

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What happens when you’re involved in a ridesharing accident such as Uber or Lyft? The rival of these ride hailing companies generated 1,100 more motor vehicle fatalities per year in the United States. Additionally, these companies have changed the transportation industry drastically. They are very convenient, reliable and easy to use. However, they are not always 100% safe. Just like any other vehicle operator, these ridesharing drivers can put you at risk when they are on the road.

What Should You Do After A Ridesharing Accident?

As passengers, we put trust in our drivers to take us to our destinations as safely as possible. Unfortunately, car accidents happen everyday in the United States. The first thing you should do is to check if everyone in the vehicle is okay and safe. Next, check if there isn’t any bodily harm on yourself and everyone inside the vehicle. To examine any bodily harm, ask yourself:

  • Do I feel any pain anywhere?
  • Does anyone else feel pain?
  • Am I or anyone else in the vehicle bleeding?

Next, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible when a car accident occurs. This includes:

  • Your ridesharing driver’s name
  • Other passenger names
  • License plate number
  • Insurance information
  • Street names and intersections of where the accident happened
  • Contact information from any witnesses
  • The make and the models of the vehicles involved in the accident
  • File a police report

What Is Uber And Lyft’s Insurance Policy?

The insurance policies of Uber and Lyft can be complex and it all depends on the cases. Since they offer their own insurance policy, it is a very limited value because it all depends on the driver’s time which is divided into three periods:

  • Period 0: When the drivers are in their vehicles but not logged into the app
  • Period 1: This occurs when the driver has the app open and is driving around waiting for a potential passenger
  • Period 2: Ridesharing operator has matched with a ride and they’re on the way to pick them up
  • Period 3: The rider is in the car and this period ends when the rider is out of the vehicle

Their insurance policy will cover all of the damages and its limitations varies by state. In addition, whether if the driver is at fault or not the damages will be reimbursed if the accidents happens in the middle of the ride. Further, the general damages that will be covered are medical expenses, property damages, loss wages, and wrongful death.

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