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Where Was The Cuban Missile Crisis Negotiated In Washington D.C.?

Did you know that the Cuban Missile Crisis was negotiated here in our area? Here at our firm, we enjoy educating ourselves and others about local history. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today!

Managing partner, Seann Malloy, is here in Northwest Washington D.C on Connecticut Ave in the Cleveland Park area. He is outside of this building 3524 Connecticut Ave. Right now, it’s an empty storefront. Not too long ago it was a Walgreens and before that it was a famous restaurant called The Yenching Palace. The Yenching palace had been here from 1955 until 2007. This building, you could walk by it. It has a very distinctive outside and this art decoration is out of place in the neighborhood.

Where Was The Cuban Missile Crisis Negotiated In?

If you look closer at the decoration, the building material, not much of it has changed. It’s been changed since it’s early days when it was built in 1928. When you walk by this place, you should stop and look in the window and reflect for a second because mankind was this close to a nuclear war that was narrowly averted when emissaries from Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy’s diplomats had a series of meetings here when it was Yenching’s palace, semi-famous Chinese food restaurant, and they met and diffused the Cuban missile crisis. Rumor has it that there were three meetings. During the last meeting, there was some yelling, screaming, eventually cooler heads prevailed and the Cuban missile crisis was resolved.

Malloy Law Offices, LLC And Historical Facts

So if you’re ever near the Cleveland Park and you’re walking around, come and visit this place and take a look and reflect on just how close we were to a nuclear confrontation with then the soviet union and how it was resolved just through some face-to-face meetings over some egg rolls. Perhaps, one of the diplomats opened a fortune cookie that said “today you will resolve a great conflict.” Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC we appreciate the history and surprising facts around the Washington D.C metropolitan area. To learn about local history in the area, click here to view more.