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Who Was Mary Surratt?

Are you familiar with the story on Mary Surratt? Her history lies here in Clinton, Maryland. Contact Malloy Law Offices, LLC today!

What Is The History Behind Clinton, Maryland?

Managing partner and personal injury lawyer, Seann Malloy, is here in Clinton, Maryland. This area is in Southern Prince George’s County outside of the beltway. In addition, it’s a suburb of Washington D.C. and we have one of our law firm offices here on Piscataway Road. Clinton, Maryland used to be called Surratsville, Maryland named after the Surrat family, a prominent family in the area.

This area had southern sympathies. There is a high school here called Surrattsville high school and is named after the Surratt’s family. Moreover, the original name of the town was Surrattsville before it was renamed Clinton, Maryland. Of course Surrattsville High School is where David Meggett played. His high school football team and then he eventually played for the redskins.

Who Was Mary Surratt?

Seann Malloy is standing in front of the Mary Surratt house and this is an infamous location. It’s on Piscataway road where Piscataway turns into Woodyard, a major intersection in Clinton, Maryland. Many locals drive by this old red house and not even realize how prominently it features into our national history. In addition, Mary Surratt operated and her family operated a post office tavern and a couple other businesses here over the years. Famously, John Wilkes Booth hid out here after he assassinated Abraham Lincoln on his way out outside of Washington D.C. The Surratt family had stashed a lot of weapons for him and he came here.

Mary Surratt, of course, owned a boarding house on H street in Washington D.C. and she split time between this house and her house in Washington D.C. Eventually, she was convicted of conspiring and aiding John Wilkes Booth and she was the first woman to be hanged or to be executed by the federal government. She was hanged in the mall in front of the capital. She was determined to have helped John Wilkes Booth escape after the assassination.

Malloy Law Offices, LLC and Local History!

If you’re in Clinton, Maryland, there’s some good local restaurants. Additionally, there’s a lot of interesting local history. If you just drive through, you might not realize that there is a lot of interesting history here. Also, If you know where to look, you can pick up a lot of interesting local history. Here at Malloy Law Offices, LLC, our attorneys and staff enjoy learning about history in this area. To see learn more about history in the DMV area, click here. Lastly, call (888) 607-8690 for a free consultation for your personal injury case.