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Burtonsville Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident caused by the reckless behavior of another person, it is imperative you contact a  Burtonsville personal injury attorney, as soon as possible. An experienced litigator will be able to explain your rights as a victim, and help you start the legal process to recover financial damages. Who else will look out for your best interests after a serious accident? The insurance company? The party that caused the accident? Neither of them. It is up to you to hire legal representation to ensure you get what you are owed.

burtonsville personal injury attorney

Why Should I Hire a Burtonsville Personal Injury Attorney?

Many people injured in an accident will try to resolve the matter on their own. After all, anyone can contact the insurance company and get things moving. The reason you need to hire a seasoned Burtonsville personal injury attorney is because there are many aspects of personal injury law you may not know. If you go it alone, you are likely cheating yourself out of receiving the maximum compensation your case warrants. Quick settlements offered by insurance companies always benefit them the most and not the victim.  Malloy Law Offices, LLC wants to partner with you so we can keep you from becoming a victim again. 


You Deserve Full Financial Recovery

The laws in Maryland can work in your favor if you have an advocate like our Burtonsville personal injury attorney at Malloy Law Offices, LLC working on your behalf. You need to understand that your claim goes beyond the initial medical bills you have already received. Lost wages, additional medical treatments, property damage, and other related expenses are part of the equation, as well. In addition, state law allows a victim to recover financial damages for emotional trauma, pain, and suffering. 


How Can A Burtonsville Personal Injury Attorney From Malloy Law Offices Help Me?

Our exceptionally talented team of attorneys and support staff are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation you are entitled to. We have helped hundreds of clients recover millions of dollars in damages over our fifteen-year history. At Malloy Law Offices, you are never a number, and you will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve. The best part for you – we work on a contingency fee basis. That means we only receive payment if we achieve a successful outcome on your behalf. So, contact our Burtonsville Personal Injury Attorney, today!

At no cost to you, our legal team will:

  • Provide a consultation to better understand the nature of the accident and your related injuries
  • Gather supporting evidence such as the police report and all medical reports
  • Conduct interviews with witnesses 
  • Recover the maximum compensation you are owed
  • Negotiate with the other parties involved
  • Litigate in court
  • Keep you informed of our progress and explain next steps along the way
  • Take care of all other legal aspects of your case, while you take time to heal


Common Personal Injury Cases We Handle At Malloy Law Offices, LLC

Our Burtonsville personal injury attorney has experience handling all types of personal injury cases:

Boating accidents – Not all boat operators are created equal. Some are reckless when it comes to the operation of their vessel. Add in a day of drinking on the water and it can lead to serious injuries or even death. 

Construction accidents – Construction companies know a safe work environment is paramount to keeping good employees, but they can still neglect to keep a site completely safe when they shift their focus to hitting a deadline.

Dangerous drugs – New medications can save lives, but they have also been known to cause damage to the ones they were meant to help. Insufficient testing or a rush to production can put the people prescribed those drugs at risk.

Other areas where we specialize:


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Malloy Law Offices, LLC wants to be your Burtonsville personal injury attorney. We provide the best legal assistance available. We do this in a professional, courteous manner. Our legal team understands that no amount of money can ever offset the pain and anguish your injury has caused, but it keeps things from getting worse financially. Reach out today to start your free, no-risk consultation, so you can get on the road to financial recovery. Call now: (202) 968-2095, or leave us a message.