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Facts About Burn Injuries

There is a serious burn injury every 60 seconds in the United States. Additionally, 480,000 people seek medical attention due to a burn injury every year. Almost 40,000 of those injured require hospitalization for those injuries including burn centers. These injuries are more common than you think but may not always be your fault. Sadly, burn injuries are the fourth most common type of trauma in the world.

Workplace Burn Injury In Washington D.C

Burn injuries can be caused by contact with an open flame, touching a heated surface, scalding liquids, chemical burns, radiation burns, explosions, fireworks, electric burns, and combustion of flammable substances. These injuries can occur in the home, on the road, while at school, or in the workplace. However, many burn injury incidents happen in the workplace. According to a study, approximately 15% of people who were hospitalized with acute burns had work-related burns. In addition, the most common workplace burns occur in industrial plant explosions.

Treatment For Burn Injuries

For minor burns, it is best to treat it by cooling the burn. For instance, running the burn under cool water until the pain eases. Another treatment for minor burns is to apply lotion that contains Aloe Vera or a moisturizer. this helps prevents the wound from drying and provides relief. However, any burn injury is best evaluated by a medical professional. Failure to treat the burn can lead to infections and permanent scarring. Severe burns such as second-degree and third-degree burns should be checked out by a doctor.

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