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Broken Bones Cases In Washington D.C

Broken bones happen all the time. In fact, about 6.8 million people in the United States need medical attention due to a bone injury, of which 3 million were caused by a car accident or work injury. Here in D.C, Maryland, and Virginia, we see these cases on a daily bases. Mainly because most of our clients reside around a fast-paced environment where there’s constant construction going on and growing businesses.

Most Common Types Of Broken Bones From A Work Injury

The most common injury from a job that lead to broken bones are slip and falls. Slip and fall accidents result in an average of 11 days lost of work. In cases of serious injury, lost work productivity may be much more significant. If you miss work because of a slip and fall, you may recover for lost income in addition to your other damages. In slip and fall accidents, hip, wrist, and ankle fractures are some of the most common types of broken bones.

Most Common Types Of Broken Bones From A Car Accident

As for car accidents, the most common bones that are easily to be broken are wrists, arms, ankles, legs, and ribs. The impact caused by a car accident can result in external or internal injuries to all parts of the body, including the neck and spine.  Some injuries will take weeks to heal, while others can take months, years, or even result in permanent disability. Some breaks are simply treated with a cast and do not leave long term damage, while others may require surgery.

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